Essays on Zoology

The Invention of Wile E Coyote

Wile E Coyote is a cartoon character that creates many inventions to enable him to kill the Road Runner. Are the inventions seen in this Character new idea? That is a question that can be applied to us as human beings. Human beings have been existing for a period of...

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Comparison of Cinderella and Peter Pan

Cinderella and Peter Pan are fantastic animations that have entertained several generations of children and still serves the same purpose. In the current age, some generations in the adult groups are always impressed by the entertainment to the extent of maintaining their loyalty. With the original theatrical release being 1950...

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The Dualism of Descartes and Darwin

Descartes' Dualism vs. Darwinian Monism Descartes’ dualism has been considered a philosophical concept that aids in the understanding of the mind-body relationship. Descartes asserted that the mind and body are two separate entities amidst the fact that they are ‘joined’ to perform a particular function among humanity. While Descartes believes in...

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The Existence of Bigfoot

The Existence of Bigfoot: A Hoax? The existence of the Big Foot though supported by various people does not have any scientific or exact physical sighting. What people mainly rely on are unauthenticated legendary stories. Therefore, it is apparent that the Big Foot story is a hoax meant to hoodwink the...

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The Chupacabra Does Not Exist

Cryptids relate to creatures which attract claims of existence albeit the absence of proof to substantiate their survival. Hence, skepticism surrounds claims of the animal’s existence. Cryptids account for the characters highlighted in various ancient myths attracting the interest of cryptozoologists. As a pseudoscience, cryptozoology encompasses the endeavors made by...

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Cryptozoology and Cryptids

Cryptid refer to myths that try to explain the existence of plants or creatures that have not been scientifically described or documented or discovered by any science community. The cryptid has been discovered to be part of the tales of the ancients’ time, and the mythology about the existence of...

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The Importance of Animal Rights

My philosophical values on animals is based on the idea that animals are an important part of nature, and nature is an essential participant in the process of creation and co-creation of the universe. Animals should be protected if the ecosystem is to be sustained (Gruen, 2011). Thus, humans have...

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Comparing Cats and Dogs

Similarities between Cats and Dogs For this particular discussion I am going to compare and contrast in detail the similarities and differences that exist between cats and dogs. First, we shall discuss the similarities. The most obvious similarity is the fact that both animals have hair on their body meaning that...

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Alligator Snapping Turtle and Commercial Harvesting

Following disturbances which include commercial harvest, alligator turtles are becoming vulnerable to population decline because of life history behaviors. Alligator snapping turtles do not mind about parental care. Young turtles feed themselves from the time of birth. This species gain sexual maturity at the age of 11 to 13 years...

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Aristotle's View on Man as a Political Animal

“Man is by nature a political animal” (Aristotle and Reeve 4). In this regard, Aristotle insinuated that it is difficult for a man to live with no political association or in anarchy. There are certain needs for a man which can only be fulfilled by a political association. Therefore, Aristotle...

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Issue of Animal Experiments

Freedom of speech can be defined as a having independence to say anything one likes without any restriction. However, the freedom of speech is usually an unconditional in any nation and this freedom is justly common topic to restrictions. Freedom of speech is acknowledged by the human rights bodies and...

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The Importance of Equal Rights for Animals

The article All Animals are Equal advocates for the rights of animals in the society. Written by Peter Singer, the text suggests that human beings ought to treat other animals with car, and provide them with a treatment that is akin to that which is extended to other human beings....

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