Essays on Animal Welfare

Animal Rights Movement

Human has been known as the superior creation and according to some religious scriptures like the Bible and it is human that is tasked with taking care of other creations. Animals have been used for various purposes such as; food, entertainment, education purposes, as sources of valuable materials for clothing...

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Adopt a Dog Instead of Buying One from a Breeder

Nothing beats a long walk in the morning or evening with the company of a friendly pet dog. Dogs have been man’s companion for several decades now because they share our lives in several ways many animals cannot. Dogs are always friendly and a perfect human companion that is why...

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Understanding Animal Cruelty: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Animals are an integral member of the human society. In many cases, animals co-exist with human beings as pets or domestic animals. In essence, the co-existence of animals and human beings aim to enhance human lives through the provision of a variety of services to the human beings. Pets assistance...

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About Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a violation of the rights of animals. Animals deserve the rights to be treated well regardless of their use to humans if they are an endangered species if they are “endearing” or regardless of the fact that one cares about them (Yount 25). Human beings should recognize...

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Animal Sacrifice

Animal sacrifices are all embodied in the holy texts of the world religions, for instance, Christianity, Islam, as well as Judaism. All over the world, this idea is still being used by religious communities. In many religions, sacrificing of animals is common. The New World religions practicing animal sacrifices, for...

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The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare: Ensuring Adequate Care and Humane Treatment Animal welfare is a set of standards that ensures animals receive adequate care and humane treatment. It involves ensuring an animal's physical and emotional needs are met throughout its life, as well as addressing any potential health problems that may arise.The Five Freedoms...

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