Horse Therapy in the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

The essence of research is to appraise an action. The main purpose of research is to systematically gather data and gather knowledge and use this knowledge to inform action. Research may also be carried out to confirm already existing knowledge on a particular subject in a field as well as...

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The Effect of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Social Functioning in Children with Autism

Bass, Margaret M., Catherine A. Duchowny, and Maria M. Llabre. "The effect of therapeutic      horseback riding on social functioning in children with autism." Journal of autism and developmental disorders 39.9 (2009): 1261-1267. Burgon, Hannah. "Case studies of adults receiving horse-riding therapy." Anthrozoös 16.3      (2003): 263-276. DeMello, Margo. Animals and...

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The Effectiveness of Horse Therapy in Treating Neurological Disorders

Horses possess several symbolic powers that are often alluded in various mythologies. As such the use of horses for therapy is considered to be uniquely effective. The effectiveness of horse therapy in treating neurological illnesses such as autism, stroke, cerebral palsy, psychiatric and behavioral disorders is a field that elicits...

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The Use of Horses to Facilitate Therapeutic Intervention for Individuals with Special Needs

The use of horses to facilitate therapeutic intervention for individuals with special needs has been shown to be uniquely effective. Horses possess enormous symbolic power that represents bravery, loyalty and healing both in popular culture and in mythology (Dunlop and Menka 17). While many researchers show that horse therapy is...

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The Effectiveness of Horseback Riding in Treating Neurological Disorders

The symbolism of horses in many instances is that of power and freedom. Horsed in most cases is a symbol of independence and strength. For instance, in the Chinese Zodiac the horse, which is the 7th element, represents freedom or living without restraint. A horse is a sign of enthusiasm...

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The Role of the Horse in Human History

The equine industry is the economic sector associated with the horses that are any agribusiness activities or leisure activity associated with the use or possession of the horse and contributes significantly to the economy (Mihók 2016, p.23). The horse has existed throughout the man’s history. The human needs have shaped...

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Mechanics of evolutionary digit reduction in fossil horses (Equidae)

Evolution and Anatomical Changes in HorsesIt is possible to determine the evolution and anatomical changes seen in horses from various genera based on the research of digit reduction and horse evolution. A theory that three-toed horses are more susceptible to physiologically unsupportable bone stresses can also be deduced from the...

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feature film concept

As nightfall approached, trees appeared alongside the flowing waterway. Beck jumped on the back of his horse and escaped to the riverbank, where he planned to rest and spend the night. The young man was frightened as he entered the steppes that evening, as distinct commotions from birds, bugs, and...

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English Essay On Equus by Peter Shaffer

Themes in the Play Equus There are quite a few themes that have been developed in the play Equus, most importantly the theme of religion and worship. Peter Shaffer continuous to increase this theme from the beginning to the end of the play. Moreover, he uses distinct elements to build the...

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