Essays on Observation

Teju Cole’s “The White Savior Industrial Complex”

Teju Cole is correct in his argument that the universe today exists to satisfy the nostalgic needs of citizens of the white race. He argues that the White Savior Business Complex is not concerned with justice. It is about getting a powerful emotional experience that validates one’s role (Cole). From…

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Comparing and Contrasting Art

Without keen observation, it is difficult to compare several works of art. According to Minkov (1), people explain what they see and talk about the influences of these works. People with low perception abilities are unable to make sound decisions on visual art. This paper contains two pieces of art:…

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

Beauty is relative, as they say, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” There is now not a single set meaning, value or definition for beauty. It is a collectively iffy notion due to the fact its definition exclusively lies on observation. Therefore, each has their ideas with regards…

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Bighorn Sheep Observation Report

The bighorn sheep is one of the many species of wild sheep that is discovered in North American. It has a compact body which is muscular with chocolate brown fur that is trimmed in white on the muzzle, belly and rump. The male bighorn sheep has two giant curved horns,…

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Description of the animals’ behavior and Habitat

Description of the animals conduct and Habitat Animals behavior is the most difficult issue to observe without full concentration. Therefore, for anyone to record the normal conduct of any animal you are required to set an appropriate time for the activity and make sure that you are conversant with various…

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DNA Extraction Procedure

The purpose of this practical is to extract DNA by both Youtube procedure or commonly used laboratory process called salting out method. Usual practice is to use one method, mostly, Youtube technique while comparing with effects of other method. Within each method, fruit samples of strawberry and kiwi fruits are…

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Logs of Observation

Lesson Observation Log for Field Experience and Practicum Non-certified teachers complete a total of 15 logs Certified teachers complete a total of 8 logs Student Name: Student ID: School: Date:Class:Grade: Subject: Science Type of Class (General/ Special Ed/Inclusion): Lesson Topic: Green Energy Cooperating Teacher: Learning Objective: The students are taught…

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Goffman’s Dramaturgy Perspective Analysis

I visited a nearby church over the weekend to see how people act in social settings. I have chosen this venue because people from diverse backgrounds have come together, processes are followed according to the protocols and the code of conduct. I arrived in church earlier enough, so I did…

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Biomimicry Explanation

My personal Definition of Biomimicry- It is a growing and emerging self-discipline involving keen observation of million genius microorganisms inside the ecosystem and nature environs, thereby deciphering brilliant format advices from them important in solving most of our day by day involvements efficiently and skillfully. In short it refers to…

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Differentiator and Integrator

A non-inverting and inverting amplifier can be adjusted to have an approximate differentiator and integrator. Approximate differentiator and integrator circuits can also be used as high-pass and low-pass filter circuits (Huijsing, 2017). The purpose of the laboratory session is to analyze the operation of the differentiator and the integrator to…

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Observation of Chemical Reaction: Synthesis of Fragrant Esters

Concentrated sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst as properly as a dehydrating agent in this reaction. Adding a small amount of sulfuric acid during esterification forces the equilibrium to the right, therefore, growing the yield of the end product (ester). Clinging Bowl Cleaner, Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash-Old Product, and Crest…

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