Field Experience and Practicum

Lesson Observation Log for Field Experience and Practicum
Non-certified teachers completeatotal of 15 logs
Certified teachers complete a total of 8 logs
Student Name:
Touro Student ID:
Type ofClass (General/ SpecialEd/Inclusion):
LessonTopic: Two-Dimensional Shapes
Cooperating Teacher:
Students should be able to recognize and name shapes based on the number of vertices and sides by the end of the course. Students should also be able to draw a comparison and contrast between the various 2-dimensional shapes.
CommonCoreLearningStandard:2.G.1 Applicable
Students identify and draw two-dimensional shapes with specific characteristics such as the number of sides and vertices.
Students had been introduced to descriptive thinking of various shapes in the previous lesson. The teacher had given a task of naming shapes in classwith the students highlighting the characteristics in each case.

KeyVocabulary:Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Circle

Materials:Plain paper, pencil, geometry board, laminated shapes, chalk board and chalk, Worksheets, glue, scissors, markers, manila paper.

Motivation:The class began with an open forum where the teacher gave each student an opportunity to give the significance ofshapes at home. This made students to become alert and brain storm for answers.The teacher ensured that every opinion was appreciated. As such, the whole class was motivated.

LessonPlanProcedures:Firstly, the teacher explained the meaning of 2-dimensional shapes and drew the contrast with other figures.Using the chalk, she drew rectangle, square, triangle and a circle on the chalk board. Next, the students were given the chance to draw each shape on the plain papers. The shapes drawn by the students were of different sizes.

MedialSummary:The teacher defines two-dimensional shapes. With the aid of the laminated shapes, the difference is expressed from three dimensional shapes. A rectangle, square, triangle, and circle are drawn on the board. Each student is asked to draw similar shapes but of different sizes. This exercise is to test if they have understood 2-dimensional shapes.

DifferentiatedInstruction:The teacher engages the students in visual representation to capture their attention and create the images in the mind. For instance, the use of laminated shapes as well as drawing on the board.

OpportunitiesforPractice:The teacher gives plain papers and asks the students to draw each shape. The students are then instructed to cut the shapes dawn. This gives an opportunity for students to appreciate the various features of each shape.

FinalSummary:In finalizing the lesson, the teacher asks the students questions about the names and features of various shapes.

Assessment:The teacher collects the manila papers where the students had attached their shapes for assessment. Additionally, an assignment is given to the students

ClassroomManagement:The teacher had full control of the class from the start to finish. She engaged the class effectively and made the most out of every student.

AttentiontoMulticulturalIssues: At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher notified the students on the rules of disciple and cleanness. As such, no cases of misconduct were observed as the students conducted themselves with discipline.Moreover, the class was kept tidy throughout the lesson.

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