Essays on Fake News

You may struggle to define fake news in your fake news essay – they are false pieces of information, spread through the media, intended to confuse and mislead the population with the purpose of receiving various benefits. Fake news essays define the main purpose of fake news – to deceive and spread false notions for someone's gain. Fake news were common throughout the XX century, but the term got worldwide popularity due to the election of American president Donald Trump, who claimed that certain information spread about him was untrue, calling it "Fake news". All essays on fake news will offer that story in more detail. Read through fake news essay samples provided below – some of those essay samples will surely come in handy.

Misinformation in Social Media and Proposed Solutions

The editorial’s premise in All the News That Causes Fits is that false news – which is constantly being spread by social media – has done a lot of harm to the electorate. As a result, the author claims that partisan players in the 2016 U.S. elections used social media…

Words: 920

Pages: 4

False News

First, consider the source, in order to detect fake news. Is it ironic or reputable? Secondly, beyond the dramatic or surprising headline, investigate a post. Thirdly, check the author’s integrity. The article is certainly fake whether the author uses a pseudo name or has fake credentials. A fabricated report still…

Words: 582

Pages: 3

Fake News

On October 3, 2016, an article written in the Los Angeles Times reported that Pope Francis was not going to support Donald Trump for the presidential election. Instead, Pope Francis opted to urge the American faithful to “pray, study the two proposals well and choose with a conscience.” A blog…

Words: 290

Pages: 2


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