A Reflection on my satirical news show project

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Many sources of news have incorporated the use of humor to introduce such topics that appear to be unappealing to the public’s attention and spread them around the board to ensure that they are known to the specific viewer and often worked on. Currently, satirical news programs that have been embraced by many television networks, such as The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, are filling the position that was historically filled by certain mass media, such as fact-checking and promoting deliberative political debate and dissent. The satirical news has a large way helped in educating the public where most of the programs are framed a manner that they are legitimate and important contributors to the various political discussion (Highet, 2015).
Whether the satire being applied is political or any other form of satire, the reason as to why it matter is that it is not just an entertainment making other people laugh, but it is also applied to convince others on what is going on in the world. People, therefore, can be able to reflect what truly happens and in the US, the first amendment offers the citizens freedom of speech. An example of information that was leaked out to the public but in a satirical manner is the blockage of Stephen King by President Trump after he tweeted about Trump for more than sixty-eight times with claims that most of his tweets were harassment to Trump.
Satire happens to be a powerful art form having the ability to point out the inadequacies of the various behavior of the human beings and their social issues coming from them in a manner that they become ridiculous and even very funny which happens to be amusing and reaches many people. Satire is capability of protecting its inventor from that responsibility of disparagement as it is applied rather than just being stated and in this entire way it develops to an influential tool for the dissenters at various oppressive political and also the societal periods.
Satire is a word that is derived from the Latin word nature which mainly provides some degree of social critique and happens to be in a way humorous; they are not intended to provoke any category of real social change, and they happen to be too overt for them to qualify as satire in the modern sense. Currently, satire happens to be a dominant artistic form mainly applied to critic various human attributes. It is defined as a verbal aggression whereby some aspect of reality in history is exposed primarily to ridicule.
Most of the satirical narratives operate indirectly via parodic alteration of those forms that are celebratory, the established discourse and the pronouncement which is dogmatic. Mainly satire can be depicted as a piece, be it legendary, spoken, imaginative, or else offered which happens to bear these characteristics:
Critique- satire critique of various form of the conduct of human beings, folly; having the purpose of convincing the viewers to view it sneeringly and thus hearten a certain amount of social revolutionize. Satire makes use of irony which humorously is in most cases to spot the menace associated with the activities that are being critiqued. Satire is also applied in implicitness where satire happens not to b an overt statement where it does not come to an explicit verdict, but rather the critiqued behavior happens to deconstructs itself within the satirical work through being absurd, most often due to it being exaggerated or taken out its normal context.
Importance of satirical news
Satirical news has offered what is known as the deliberative democracy. This is a focus on decision making through discussions carried out among the equal and free citizen which happens to be having revival due to the attribution of satirical news. Deliberation is mainly an endogenous change of preferences which results from communication. Deliberation, in this case, happens when there is the search for truth which is the role that every news media is theoretically supposed to support. Deliberation in the satirical news can be enhanced through the entertainment value which mainly serves as a reason for this format to learn issues about politics via questioning and attacking those elitist beliefs, the desirable by-product of viewing such shows becomes more deliberative in decision making (Marcella, 2015).
Satire has used comedy which does not only take apart the societal structure but also dismantles the concept of the structure itself. In most cases jokes confronts one relevant structure with another relevant structure, the one that is well-differentiated view and that one of the less coherent one.
The satirical news may not be classified as mere infotainment, but they have a revealing truth function which can offer an important critical voice that may enhance the political discussion. Certainly some form of influential and politically important speech which must be highly protected by the laws from the governmental interference in satirical speech. And with this, satirical news are still considered as important, and they should continue being aired to the public.
Work cited
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Marcella, Valentina. Laughing matters: mainstream political cartoons under the military regime of the early 1980s in Turkey. Diss. 2015.

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