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generation and digital media

Gen Alpha refers to the offspring of this generation (Carter, 2016). They are the offspring of millennials. When opposed to previous years, new technology is altering the way children mature today. This paper explores how new technology has affected today’s generation, how their lives vary from ours, and the form…

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disney case study

The Walt Disney Corporation, also known as Disney, is an American conglomerate with diverse investments in the broadcasting and entertainment industries. Disney is one of the leading corporations in the industry in terms of sales. The headquarters of the organization is located in Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Under…

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The take of the Federal Communications Commission on Internet Neutrality

The Federal Communication Commission wants to regulate internet neutrality. A newspaper titled, “The Federal Communication Commission wants to let Telecoms cash in on the internet” was written by the Editorial board in New York Times to buttress this point. Broadband companies are to choose what customers can watch and how…

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missle crisis of cuba

The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was a dangerous Cold War conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States. That was also the moment that the two world powers were on the verge of a nuclear war. It was exceptional in a variety of respects, including miscalculations and measurements, as…

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Miss Representation Film

Women are important members of society because of their talents, qualities, and aspirations, as well as their participation in social events that serve all. Many of these factors have contributed to their international acclaim. They are, still, being misrepresented in the mainstream. Miss Representation is a well-known American documentary film…

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What is pop culture

In the first chapter, (Danesi) presents an in-depth discussion of the origins of modern culture, focusing on its emergence and dissemination from the 1820s to the 2000s. He addresses its unique characteristics, such as spectacle and nostalgia, as well as its intimate association with broadcast technology. He goes into great…

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Free Speech Discussion

Freedom of speech is something everyone is entitled to it. Whether you are poor or rich, male or female, historical or young, individuals have varied opinions, and it is their proper to express them freely. Everyone has the right to specific an individual opinion without the worry of the society…

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A Reflection on my satirical news show project

Many sources of news have incorporated the use of humor to introduce such topics that appear to be unappealing to the public’s attention and spread them around the board to ensure that they are known to the specific viewer and often worked on. Currently, satirical news programs that have been…

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About Satire in American Media

Satire is a literary talent that is used to draw attention to societal evils in order to raise public consciousness and advocate for reform. The profession employs graphics and the design of cartoons that resemble the targeted members of society. Satire employs humor in the delivery of material, but its…

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Commercial TV Show Analysis

“The Biggest Loser” is a truth show that facets obese persons competing for a cash prize through losing weight. The individual who loses the highest proportion compared to the unique weight wins the prizes. Some advertisements show up during the show. Each of the episodes of the exhibit begins with…

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Diversity in Sports Broadcasting

Sport broadcasts cover sporting activities as they take place by channels such as television or radio or some other medium (Schultz, Brad & Wei 4). Among the most popular sporting broadcasts are football, cricket, basketball, and boxing. It usually includes pundits who characterize live events as they transpire. Various stations…

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Insults, Bullying, and Threats through Social Media

Social networking can be described as web-based message tools that enable individuals to communicate with each other by sharing and receiving information (Goldblum 57). Social media has two main features: material or news reported in the media is regulated either by the author or the individual owning the account. Another…

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