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Gender Inequality on Social Media

The society regards women differently from their male counterparts. Even on social media platforms, the images the two gender members post differ significantly. Evidently, a woman appears as a lesser human as compared to their male counterparts. Perhaps we could blame this tendency on the conventional patriarchal society we live....

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The Role of Media in Protests

Protests and the Influence of Media Protests are often employed by people in different parts of the world as a measure of expression, for their voices to be heard. The dissertation looks into how protests work and whether the media has the capacity to influence their overall outcome. The study does...

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The Korean Wave in China: Impact on the Local TV Format

Korean Wave and its Impact on Chinese TV Formats Korean Wave, taking the form of TV programs, films, movies, songs, K-pop music, and other cultural products has received significant popularity across not only China but the entire Asian region. The main aim of this research was to investigate how the Korean...

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Does the Media Have an Ethical Responsibility to Truth?

Media Ethical Responsibility to the Truth Media ethical responsibility to the truth is argued in a number of moral theories such as relativism, ethical theory, and deontology. According to deontology, media has a duty of spreading unbiased and truthful content to the mass. The approach adds, in the event a publication...

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Ethical Perspectives of the Media

The Responsibility of the Media: Ethical Theories and Perspectives The media is defined as the way of communication to the mass. Many ethical theories including deontology and virtue ethics apply to the responsibilities of the media. Additionally, the theories can explain different perspectives such as ethical egoism and relativism in relation...

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The Role of Media in US Government

This essay will discuss how different US presidents used media and the compelling advantages of modern media over media used by presidents Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy. The paper will conclude by mentioning the relevance of these media. Lincoln used brief speech to address immediate New Jersey citizens. It was the only...

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The Role of Media in Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication refers to the exchange of information between and among people. This form of communication is significant as it facilitates the exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as acts as a medium through which individuals communicate their feelings and emotions face to face. Similarly, interpersonal communication plays a...

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Sensationalism in the Media

Over the years, the media has become more sensational and less sensible leading to misrepresentation and exaggeration of information. Sensationalism refers to a form of bias in media whereby news events, stories, and the topic pieces are overhyped hence resulting to the presentation of subjective impersonation on issues, and this...

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News Bias

News Stations and Their Influence News stations decide on the type of information that is to be exposed to the public. News stations cover the current stories such as politics, sports, weather, entertainment social welfare, religious views and other vital events. News range from the local, national and international news. News...

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Gender Representation in Media

Badaoui, Souraya El. "Gender-Based Portrayal as Media Form in Society." Global Media Journal (2016). Badaoui asserts that traditional media has played a significant role in shaping the beliefs about gender roles in the society. The TV social drama programs give a different social image of gender. The author uses a...

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The Importance of News in Society

News These are newly noteworthy facts or information probably not known to the target audience. Stories that make the news are mostly recent and captious to the recipients. News can be conveyed through different media like word of mouth, postal, broadcasting, electronic systems, and testimonies from observers or eyewitnesses in events....

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WikiLeaks: A Case Study of Ethical Issues in Reporting

Alex Gibney’s film, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, ” is an interesting documentation of the case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and how their activities have revolutionized the manner in which democratic nations address secrecy, confidentiality, and the right to information. Based on the movie, WikiLeaks’ mission is...

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