Essays on News media

Free Speech Discussion

Freedom of speech is something everyone is entitled to it. Whether you are poor or rich, male or female, historical or young, individuals have varied opinions, and it is their proper to express them freely. Everyone has the right to specific an individual opinion without the worry of the society…

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A Reflection on my satirical news show project

Many sources of news have incorporated the use of humor to introduce such topics that appear to be unappealing to the public’s attention and spread them around the board to ensure that they are known to the specific viewer and often worked on. Currently, satirical news programs that have been…

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About Satire in American Media

Satire is a literary talent that is used to draw attention to societal evils in order to raise public consciousness and advocate for reform. The profession employs graphics and the design of cartoons that resemble the targeted members of society. Satire employs humor in the delivery of material, but its…

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Commercial TV Show Analysis

“The Biggest Loser” is a truth show that facets obese persons competing for a cash prize through losing weight. The individual who loses the highest proportion compared to the unique weight wins the prizes. Some advertisements show up during the show. Each of the episodes of the exhibit begins with…

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Diversity in Sports Broadcasting

Sport broadcasts cover sporting activities as they take place by channels such as television or radio or some other medium (Schultz, Brad & Wei 4). Among the most popular sporting broadcasts are football, cricket, basketball, and boxing. It usually includes pundits who characterize live events as they transpire. Various stations…

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Insults, Bullying, and Threats through Social Media

Social networking can be described as web-based message tools that enable individuals to communicate with each other by sharing and receiving information (Goldblum 57). Social media has two main features: material or news reported in the media is regulated either by the author or the individual owning the account. Another…

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development of mass media

Mass media has changed dramatically in the past century. The growth of mass media has been made possible by major technical advancements. Five centuries ago, the first printed pages appeared in the news media, bringing entertainment and knowledge to people all over the world. Newspapers and journals became the primary…

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mass media and body image

To educate my viewers about how body representations depicted by the media can have traumatic impacts on people’s lives, contribute to multiple psychiatric illnesses and, in particular, end their lives. The thesis of today, in this contemporary world, we are all growing up with false views about how our bodies…

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Peer-to –peer file sharing

Peer-to-peer file sharing entails the circulation and dissemination of distributed media using peer-to-peer networking technologies (Parameswaran, Anjana and Andrew 31). This technology helps users to access media files such as books, videos, photographs, games and music free of charge using peer-to-peer software that scans for other linked devices on peer-to-peer…

Words: 594

Pages: 3

Biasness in the News Media Channels

It has long been argued that Fox News and CNN television outlets are more partisan than ideological (Westgate 83). Occasionally, both are seen to be the host of conservative philosophies, but constitutionally, the Republican and Democratic parties are their cynoses. With Donald’s rise to the presidency and the Democratic Party’s…

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The Ideological Diversity in Newsmagazines

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the ideological balance of news magazines relative to mass media. It is important to remember that all mass media and news magazines can cover the same subject, but news magazines will still provide an in-depth view of the matter as they offer…

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Various media have the different audience

Various media have diverse audiences and are important to the writing of specific stories. Accordingly, depending on the newspaper, its culture, its motherland, and the purpose of writing, different stories convey different meanings among readers. It is in this context that this paper critically discusses two papers published by international…

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