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Music History view by franz brendel

Franz Brendel was a journalist, musicologist, and critic who was born in Stolberg, Germany. He researched, taught, and wrote various histories of European music in 1846. Brendel established the new German School in 1859, where he used several German music styles. Because of his conservatism, he was the most well-known…

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Natalia V. Osipova – a Staff Video Journalist at ‘The New York Times’

The journalist was questioned about a number of topics that are highly pertinent to current media business trends. Natalia, you are a seasoned journalist employed by The New York Times, one of the top media organizations in New York City. Would you mind providing some background on your career path?…

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Fran Molloy – Lecturer, Journalist, Freelance Writer

At the moment, Fran Molloy is connected to the Sydney campuses of NYU and Fairfax Media. She works as a journalist, independent editor, and copywriter for a number of prestigious publications, such as the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, the ABC online, and many others. Molloy, who is highly involved…

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Objectivity and the Media – the Role of Embedded Journalism

In today’s modern world, the issues of objectivity and the media, as well as the role of embedded journalism in the study of politics, are quite interesting. Journalists have questioned whether objectivity, a conventional journalism discipline, is still needed or important in a modern reporting world and whether embedded journalism…

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Successes of Journalistic Reporting

Journalism is the art and science of generating and disseminating news stories based on how people respond to events, information, and ideas. In every way, this has an effect on culture. Journalism’s output is disseminated across a variety of channels, including print, television, radio, and the Internet. Newsreels were once…

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The Yes Men in Bhopal

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno faux identities which make them appear as though they are spokespersons and influential people to distinguished organizations. In aid of their new identities, they unmask the atrocities that governmental and corporate organizations commit. The Yes Men give an explanation for to journalists how they got…

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A Brief History of Lokmanya Tilak

Bal Gangadhar Tilak, better known as Lokmanya, was an Indian nationalist, educator, and independence activist. The third member of the Lal Bal Pal triumvirate, he was a leader of the Indian independence movement. He was also known as the “father of Indian unrest” by the British. Here’s a brief history…

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Communication and media

Journalism itself is an area that has been with us for such a long time, but it was too dormant in terms of growth until the 1960s. It was at that period that the Americas and the world witnessed so much upheaval in politics, social life and economics, and that…

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Alternative journalism

Alternative media entails practices that take place beyond the mainstream. The situation satisfies civic reporting in the nineteenth century by voicing their voices on inequality in society. In addition, the workforce scarcely wished to have a close affiliation with conservative leaders. Various magazines were also distributed in that period with…

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Newspaper ethics in the media

The American Society of Newspaper Editors encouage ethical peformamce and high professionalism among journalists by creating a standard principles. This standard of principles imposes journalists with the responsibility of gathering, distributing news, and informing the society about certain issues to make concluding decisions on such matters. As stated in media…

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The presented form of ambush journalism is ethical

The present type of ambush journalism is legal, because the visitor in the present case is guilty of the charges brought by a journalist who is correct in his assertions. By the way, there’s no harm in the interviewer trying to get the worst out of a bad guy. The…

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