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Review of the SPJ Code of Ethics

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has laid down guidelines for journalism conduct which deal with several ethical issues associated with the profession. The most outstanding code of ethics is about truthfulness which requires journalists to use original sources and verify information...

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News Bias

News Stations and Their Influence News stations decide on the type of information that is to be exposed to the public. News stations cover the current stories such as politics, sports, weather, entertainment social welfare, religious views and other vital events. News range from the local, national and international news. News...

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The Importance of News in Society

News These are newly noteworthy facts or information probably not known to the target audience. Stories that make the news are mostly recent and captious to the recipients. News can be conveyed through different media like word of mouth, postal, broadcasting, electronic systems, and testimonies from observers or eyewitnesses in events....

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WikiLeaks: A Case Study of Ethical Issues in Reporting

Alex Gibney’s film, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, ” is an interesting documentation of the case of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and how their activities have revolutionized the manner in which democratic nations address secrecy, confidentiality, and the right to information. Based on the movie, WikiLeaks’ mission is...

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Analysis of Media Bias in Mainstream Media

The media has played an essential role in the history of the United States. People rely on media outlets for news and other important updates. Therefore, there is an implied commitment of trust between the news anchor or writer and his or her audience. For most of America s history,...

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The Issue of Media Bias

The issue of media bias has been at the center stage of public talks for a long time now.  It is a custom in which media in one way or another gives out stories which are one-sided or in a prejudiced manner. Different people have different perceptions and views on...

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Analysis of The New York Times Articles on the Nunes Memo

Article 1 is Neutral: The heading of the article is impartial, and it objectively states the facts that Trump has blocked the release of a memo prepared by the Democrats. Additionally, the article uses quotation marks (the president is "inclined" to declassify) signifying that in reality, Trump is not willing to...

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Fake News

There are numerous concerns regarding the quality of information presented to the public today. Many people have suffered as a result of fake news and misinformation. The methods of  dealing with fake news are unclear information which results in more adverse effects on the public. What is Fake News?             There is...

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Critical Conditions of Free or Underpaid Media Labor

What are some critical conditions of free or under-paid media labor and what can we learn by thinking about these conditions in relations to each other? Introduction Recently, significant changes have occurred in the world of work because of technology advancement or digitization, increased globalization, demographic changes among other aspects. Media and...

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Immigration and the Media in the United States

Immigrants have contributed greatly to the growth of the United States. As Steinberg (2004) pointed out, the Latino immigrants have made significant contributions to the development of the American Southwest. Many Latino immigrants who are in the country legally work in this area. While the media can give priority to...

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News Story #2

from the folder in this week’s content area. Complete the following two charts (one for each news story) using black font. News Story #1: What is the name of, and correct APA citation for, this news story? (1 point) Study: Exercise May Cut Behavior Issues In Half. (2017, January...

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Digital and Social Media in Politics

This research summary explored the use of social media in politics. It relied on four articles published within the last ten years. Any correspondence regarding this research summary should be addressed to (insert student s name and address) Section One: Introduction (250 words) The emergence of digital and social media has changed...

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