Essays on Wall Street

Bribery and Corruption Scandal hitting JBS, SA

The Wall Street Journal article “Business Partners Back Away from JBS Amid Bribery Scandal” discusses the fallout from the bribery scandal that involved the meat goliaths JBS in Brazil (Magalhaes, 2017). In the most recent development, the company’s partners—including the contractors, investors, and clients of the company—are ceasing to support…

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the global economy

Professor Niall Ferguson begins his documentary by discussing the various words used to refer to money by different individuals. He goes on to illustrate how capital has had a huge effect on one of Wall Street’s biggest brands, especially in a negative way. He discusses the 2007 global financial crisis…

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The Story of Sports and Money

Futterman, M. (2016). Players: The Story of Sports and Money, and the Visionaries Who Fought to Create a Revolution. International Journal of Sport Communication, 538-539. Futterman, a Wall Street Journal sports writer and a renowned prize-winning reporter, explains how sports have gradually evolved into a big business in this opinionated…

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Argument Analysis

The focal point of this analysis is Matthew Brzezinski’s essay, “The Homeland Security State: How far should we go?” Matthew is an creator as well as a journalist who has written for The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal and other publications. Matthew has worked in Moscow and…

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Research of the theme of social class in Wall Street and Drown by Diaz

Melville’s Wall Street and Drown written by Diaz gives a classic view of the theme of social class in the society thru different examples. Some critics point out that Melville has two separate lives where he skilled low standards jobs such as cabin boy on the whaling and a captive…

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