Essays on The Matrix

The Matrix: A Philosophical Analysis

Introduction is a film that exhibits many philosophical ideas in the modern society, in addition to special effects and actions. As such, the movie not only serves to be entertaining, but also thought-provoking considering that it has style and substance in its composition. Additionally, the movie, The Matrix, has several similarities...

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The Matrix Defies Newton's Laws of Motion

Hollywood is notorious for movies that stretch the laws of physics for the sake entertainment and commercial purposes. To illustrate how these laws are defied, for example in the fictional film The Matrix several scenes defied these laws especially the first law of Newton s motion. This is a science...

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Of Consciousness, Red Pills and Reason

In The Matrix, the concept of reality is deconstructed by positing that the world, at least Neo’s world, was nothing more than a deliberate illusion projected by machines. In the movie, the ‘human experience’ was nothing more than a mass-simulation of society projected in consciousness, which was run by the...

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