promoting an agenda using rhetorical technique

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in which a speaker asks questions without intending to be answered. When addressing an audience, a speaker will phrase these questions in a variety of ways. A speaker’s intentions to the listeners can vary depending on the rhetorical strategy used to pose…

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Rhetorical Critique Essay

Jessica’s introductory paragraph begins by giving the title of the speech she is about to critique. The introductory paragraph provides a rhetorical context of the article, identifies the author, the title and the motive of the article being critiqued. However, it does not tell the reader about the unique issues…

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Live or Lip-Synch

“Not Live” is an article by Teresa Wiltz and Greg Kot that sheds light on the trendy use of pre-recorded sound, backtracks, and electronic upgrades by artists during live performances. According to Wiltz and Kot (1998), lip-syncing and pre-recorded voices replaced the beautiful live music concerts that were popular with…

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Mitch Landrieu’s Speech at the Katrina 5 Ceremony

In his speech at the Katrina 5 Commemoration and Determination Ceremony, the speaker, Mitch Landrieu, recounts the experiences of various people during the storm that struck the Gulf five years ago. Landrieu’s aim is to help people remember the souls that died during that time span and to ensure that…

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Conspiracy of Gambling in Sports

“There is continually something more to know about an alleged conspiracy, the proof of which is subjected to an investigative machine that depends on the perpetual motion of signification”. In North America nowadays there are currently just over 40 million Americans and Canadians collaborating in fantasy sports as well as…

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When two, three, or more elements are included, they are contrasted to produce a separate portrayal of problems. The classic comparison and distinction between the two texts Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi and Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston may be about two different things, but they have astonishing parallels. The…

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In this play, what is Shakespeare’s choice for us-the audience- to role itself as Iago’s co-conspirators or at least as his silent (complicated) witnesses? The acts of Iago inspire the audience with awe and spirit. It generates a sense of curiosity in people who watch Iago taking the next move,…

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persuasive communication is effective when its content is learned and retained by the audience

It is believed that a convincing message is successful because the listener learns and remembers its content (Greenwald). Metcalfe’s presentation will thus be measured on the same basis. The host, on the other hand, is controversial in the way he suggests the premise that printing money may be a solution…

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The final project

The aim of this project (II) is to write an inquiry essay and review its structure, writers, audience, and material. Pico Iyer’s post, Living in the Transit Lounge, explores the author’s experience traveling around the world as a lounger. He vividly recounts his life since he was a child, often…

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The Notion of Usefulness

The Universe is Changing Around Me is a memoir, but it’s a story based on a personal experience. This immediately places the speaker, Dany Laferrière, in the role of a witness who owes it to his audience to narrate and reflect on events that are true and historically verifiable. The…

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie needs all of us to be feminists analysis

As the title clearly says, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie wants all of us to be feminists. It is a major stupendous claim to require that anyone incorporate feminism into their own individual personality, but she places her argument to interest the listener by using expository structures. She explains why and how…

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A Visual Rhetoric Analysis- Rosie the Riveter

Visual rhetoric is a picture or short video clip that is intended to convey a particular message to a specific audience. It is deriving meaning from images in the same way as one can derive meaning from verbal or aural signals, and it can be said to be a change…

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