Analysis of a Display of Sexuality in Media

Music Videos and Sexual Display

Music videos play a major part in sexual display and objectification, which have become commonplace across all media channels. While there is no doubt that sexual display plays a substantial part in such content, there is also another viewpoint that worries about the audience's reaction. One such music video with a sexual display is Kanye West's "Fade," which ideally makes a sexual display from the beginning to the conclusion.

Analyzing the Sexual Display in "Fade"

Without analyzing the sexuality that is shown in the movie in detail, it can be said that it is very sexual. Taylor, the major actor in the video, dances in most parts of the video with only a thong and bra top. Similarly, a majority of the moves she makes in her dancing are sexually suggestive, like in the case in which she thrusts the floor in a scene towards the end of the video. From an in-depth analysis, it is evident that the video seeks to make an expression that a woman with her body has the capability of both sexual activities while at the same time with an ability to bring forth life. In many instances, women have been challenged with the inability to perform both in the sense that once a woman bears a child, and then she loses the sexy body that she previously had. In Kanye West’s music video, therefore, such a perception is countered by the fact that it is possible to be sexy and still bring forth life into the world.

The Use of Artistic Sexuality in "Fade"

The 'Fade' video brings about varied aspects of both encapsulation and inspiration in the use of artistic sexuality in a single video shot. At the start of the video, Taylor is seen to be dancing between exercising equipment while only putting on the thong and the bra top and some oiled body. As the video progresses, Taylor makes further moves, which involves more interaction with the exercising equipment. Indeed, the sexuality display seen in the video is one that makes progressive movement from the past to the present and a projection of the future. Towards the end of the video, the display changes and what follows is a nude scene of Taylor in the shower with perceived 'lover' Iman. From the way they make the movements, the perception from Taylor is that of a submissive partner. The scene progresses in a manner that seems to suggest Taylor getting more powerful and in control of the activities when she engages in kissing Iman down through the chest, an occurrence commonly associated with the dominating partner. As the video ends, Taylor takes up a cat-like, lioness-like face, a significance of feminine power in sexuality. With a baby also seen in the video, it is evident that despite being female, there are some aspects already acquired and adopted in similarity to the masculine power, a critical understanding of the progress made through the past, to present, and a focus of what to happen in the future.

Various Analytical Perspectives

Analyzing various arts differs depending on the individual angle taken. The Platonic analysis involves an explanation or reconstruction as an isolation process in getting the basics. Based on such a perspective, it is evident that the female gender is making significant progress towards making dominance in various perspectives of life. As such, the video, according to Platonic analysis, depicts the fact that from the start, the feminine gender engages in activities previously dominated by the masculine gender. Further, it depicts the ability of female establishment towards dominance, especially when Taylor takes charge towards the end of the video. Such an occurrence is based on the current occurrences of women taking dominance.

Similarly, Freudian analysis, which involves the belief that people are in a position of being cured by making conscious, their unconscious thoughts and motivations, and as such gaining insight. The public has previously believed that once a woman brings about life into the world, then she cannot have her sexy body back. Besides, things such as working out in exercising centers have always been the reserve of the men despite the women feeling they are equally capable of doing that which men do. While the belief has mainly been a thought, the 'Fade' video brings about the aspect that women can achieve much if they get out doing that which they believe in, such as the case of gaining dominance in the society, which women have had in their unconscious thoughts but now motivated to consciously realize.

According to Foucauldian analysis, the focus is made on power relationships within the society using language and practices, as attributed by Michel Foucault. In its application in the analysis of the sexuality display in the video 'Fade,' it is clear that the element of practice as a means of gaining power in relationships within the society is portrayed. Taylor engages in exercising activities, a dominant of men, and expresses sexual activity to signify that women equally have the capability of doing what which men can do. Towards the end of the video when she takes up the lioness-like face, it is a clear show that she has indeed gained the power relationship aspect within the societal settings as a female in spite of the fact that she has given forth life into the world with the child seen in the video.

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