Coverage of the September 11th Events in the Media

For a long time, the media has been perceived as a skewed reflection of culture. The metaphor functions in two respects. On the one side, assuming that the mirror provides evidence that is perceived by the majority of the social world, there is concern over misrepresentations that perpetuate bias among…

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about whistle blowing

In my view, Chantale should go ahead and report the subject to the media in order to ensure that there is a follow-up on the matter, especially in this situation. However, when reporting to the media, Chantale can ensure that she keeps her privacy on the matter since doing so…

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news media and ethical issues

For the past two decades, there has been a massive transition from conventional media to modern media, which incorporates electronic, wireless, communication, and networked information technology. The transition has sparked major debates and concerns about the negative and positive effects of digital media, as well as other pertinent issues such…

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Marijuana in the Media

After a lengthy period of identification, study, and dialogue about the various facets of the media’s take on drug prohibition, cultural stance, medicinal crusaders, legalization opinions, and several other efforts, it is abundantly clear that marijuana has split the world. Those who favor it and those who condemn it are…

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The Digital Media Landscape

The new media ecosystem has become an important and necessary aspect of today’s culture. It is so common that most people don’t even know it’s there. Digital technology pervades all aspects of our everyday lives, as do the electronic devices that have become indispensable in our lives, such as cell…

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Social Media role and purpose

People and organizations nowadays depend heavily on the internet as their primary source of intelligence. As a result, any business enterprise must adapt to provide a website where people can access knowledge about them. According to Wang (2013), social media as a medium for doing business is growing, and in…

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Red Grooms De Kooning Breaks Through

The Tampa Museum of facts and artworks dates back decades (ca.300BC. to A.D.500). There is also a diverse variety of media and traditions, ranging from the early Bronze Age to the Roman Empire’s Terracotta. The art-house is a significant permanent exhibition of classical exhibits. Over the course of more than…

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The media has emerged as one of the most influential powers in a 21st-century participatory society. Although representations of music, film, and video have not necessarily reflected absolute truth, they have had a long-lasting role in objectifying attitudes. The media has influenced a multitude of societal topics by weaving together…

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Media and digital practices on the contemporal ideas of bodies and sexuality

Media and internet platforms are 21st-century creations of human innovation that have had a significant effect on a variety of social aspects, including sexuality and human anatomy. They have either made data collection methods more effective or have resulted in data distortion to match a certain story or agenda. Social…

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Telstra Corporation

Telstra Corporation Limited made significant technological and innovative developments in 2016. Throughout the year, efforts were made to reshape the whole way that technology works. With advancements in technologies and creativity, the whole definition of consumer service was updated and definitely upgraded to a significant degree. Telstra is recognized for…

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The Internet and the American Democracy

That is particularly true of media technology, where the internet has become an integral part of everyday life. In terms of populism, the media has played an important role in carrying out campaigns for political parties and individual candidates. There are various websites on the Internet whose primary aim is…

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the influence of mainstream media

Today, the media industry in the United States is dominated by a few individuals who have steadily developed conglomerates with enormous clout in the country’s political and economic environment. According to Corcoran (2016), five companies dominate the largest advertising sector in the United States. Time Warner, News Corp, Viacom, Disney,…

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