Essays on Distracted Driving

The solutions for Distracted Driving

This paper explores the solutions for distracted driving. It elaborates the problem and gives statistics with regards to the number of drivers who are like to be using their phones while driving. The key concern is to discuss why distracted driving is a problem and why a viable solution is...

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Criteria + Strengths

The author got things going right The author got things going right with a title that accurately reflected the paper's main argument without overtly alluded to the issue at hand. The essay's case was clearly summarized in the introduction, which also included relevant background information. Additionally, the essay's rhetorical appeals were...

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Actions that reduce distractions while driving

Eliminating Distractions for Safe Driving Despite the fact that it can become daunting for one to fully eliminate such distractions; most of them are avoidable and manageable. Eliminating them allows us to concentrate on the road and prevent several street tragedies. Silence the Phone The first step to being taken into account is...

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Driving while Texting

The majority of injuries are thought to be caused by a distracted driver. However, some critics believe that the most dangerous driving is exacerbated by the use of mobile phones. In this situation, a regulation should be enforced to ban mobile phone use while not infringing on their rights. Some...

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