Essays on Social Norms

How men Use Cooking to Define and Assert their Masculinity

For millennia, nearly all traditions have held that cooking should be confined to women. According to Inness’s book “Cooking Lessons: The Politics of Gender and Food,” it is not difficult to note that food, as well as its preparation, is heavily gender-coded to the feminine. In most countries, however, masculinity…

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Pages: 12

How should we interpret the theme of death in blackberry picking and blackberry eating poems?

How are we supposed to understand the subject of death in blackberry harvesting and blackberry eating poems? Many scholars have discussed the subject of death; others have used their own particular accounts to symbolize human demise or deterioration of social norms. Human societies, practices, and characters are still inclined to…

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Social Convenience of Marriage

The social system is marriage. Marriage of comfort was the rule in the past. Often its goal was linked to influence, policy and social pressure. Not all of these relationships are the products of spousal lust. This was also a requirement for women in particular. The expectations of marriage have…

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Early access in the prevention of externalizing conduct to school-based social resources for gay teenagers

One of the sexual orientations that culture has yet to truly come to grips with is being gay. This premise suggests that any sort of social stigma towards them may already be faced by people who may identify as gay. This stigma may come from immediate social structures, such as…

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