Critical Evaluation of the Social Reaction/Labelling Theory and Its Reflection on Various Criminology-related Issues

The social reaction or labelling theory focuses on the negative linguistic characterisation or tendency embraced by a majority group to a minority group based on the deviance from social norms. According to the theory, self-identity, as well as the behaviours of individuals, may be influenced or determined by the perspective...

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The Concept of Crime in Society

The aspects of crime and deviance are a significant issue affecting the whole spectrum of society throughout the world. As such, the definition of deviance and crime comes down to the various norms and values that community holds. In the same line, the standards within a society refer to the...

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The Broken Window Theory of Deviance

The book Towards a Marxian Theory of Deviance as depicted by Steven Spitzer develops a unique analogy of the production of the deviance in the capitalistic society and critiques the traditional theories that explain deviance. The Marxist theory does not focus on an individual only but other aspects such as...

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The Impact of Crime on Society

Crime and criminal related activities have dominated the socioeconomic and political atmosphere since man became in existence. Adverse policies have been formulated and implemented, to include capital offenses, but the vice proves dominant. Even though the society associates crime with negative connotations, they have failed to realize the socioeconomic and...

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The Role of Interactionalism in Merton's Theory of Deviance

Interactionalism is a theoretical perspective that uses human interaction to derive social processes; the halo effect is a cognitive bias where ambiguous judgment is deduced from concrete information. Chambliss uses the theories to analyze different experiences of the saints and the roughnecks in accordance with the societal perceptions and the...

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Crime and Deviance in The United States in The 1990s

Crime is the violation of a law or specific norm in society. Deviance refers to the violation of a social norm. Based on the definition, all crimes are viewed to deviant behaviors by the society. The rate of crime declined steadily in the United States in the 1990s. The homicide...

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The Differential Association Theory and Deviance in Menace II Society

The behaviors of characters in the film Menace II Society perfectly bring out the concept of deviance as they violate many social norms. The central character Caine Lawson and others carry around guns, swear incessantly, carry drugs and commit street crimes and kill people unscrupulously on a regular basis. Deviance...

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Control Balance and Feminist Theories

Control balance theory (CBT) is a practice of deviant behavior established by Charles Tittle. Tittle’s theory is rooted in the social control perspective and it integrates strands of labelling and social learning. Rather than viewing criminality in the perspective of lack of self-control, Tittle’s central concept explains criminality in a...

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Deviance Behaviour - Transgender

Defined in sociology as behavior or activities, such as crime, that violate social rules and norms, deviation is a subject that sociologists have researched in depth for many years. Deviance is the propensity to depart from social norms, which are the typical behaviors that members of society are expected to...

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Religious cults

It has been found that youth gangs are more likely to report substance abuse than their peers who are not thugs (Cholas, 2014). Many researchers have attempted to demonstrate the connection between religious cults, substance addiction, sexual deviance, and violence in their study (Clatts, 2016). Since the issues that come...

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Log about the book

The text reveals the intersection of human nature, human deviance and the social structures that work and compel individuals to act in a certain way. In The Wife of Bath's Prologue, the effect of religion on people's actions and their interrelationship with each other is expected. This is highlighted right...

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