Essays on Rape Culture

The Concept of Rape Culture

Rape culture is a phrase that was made in the United States by feminists in the 1970s. It refers to how society holds the victims of sexual harassment accountable and support male sexual violence. The term has numerous definitions and its role in everyday life. The rape culture is created...

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual harassment encompasses a broad variety of unwelcome and coerced sexual acts. It includes rape attempts, non-consensual physical touches, and rape. It is literally inappropriately touching or penetrating one's body against their will. Sexual harassment in universities is a common and long-standing issue. Sexual abuse is horrifying, and those who...

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Impact of social media and the internet on the Acknowledgment of Rape Culture in America

The conversation on rape culture in America today has never been more tense than ever. Recent harassment and abuse cases involving top celebrities have fueled an ever more raging controversy, pitting activists, feminists and concerned people against each other. More pitiful is the fact that the Internet and social media...

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