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Need to write a rape essay? We prepared a variety of rape essay samples for you to read and learn from since writing essays on rape is a job not to be taken lightly. Rape is a crime that has been studied since Roman times, but its severity was not recognized right away. During antiquity, a fine was often a punishment for rape, while marital rape was not even an acknowledged offense. Today we can use rape essays to educate people on rape, analyze this horrible crime, and give this topic attention it demands. However, essays on rape are extremely demanding and challenging pieces of writing. If these essays do not seem like something you can write on your own, our essay specialists are ready to step in.

The History of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is, in fact, a crucial public health problem that has attracted a growing concern across the world. Sexual assault typically connotes to the unwanted sexual activity, whereby a perpetrator makes use of threats, force, or takes advantage of the victim`s inability to provide consent.  It includes attempted rape,...

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Rape Jokes by Female Comedians

The literature focuses on sexual assault in the American culture. Based on the study “America is a country where one in six women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime and only 3 percent of convicted rapists will ever spend a day in jail” (Boyle...

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Sexual Assaults on College Campus

Security has become a tremendous concern on a college campus, and extra protocols need to be established and implemented to effectively prevent the crimes from happening in various colleges. The campus safety concern is a continuously growing issue throughout America and other nations across the world. When attending university as...

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United States v. Morrison

Christy Brzonkala, a female student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, claimed that James Crawford and Antonio Morrison, two of her fellow students who played football, had assaulted her shortly after they had first met. She claims that Morrison even expressed his wish for her to be free of infections and mentioned...

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Sudan's Gender Based Violence

In a not too distant past, the world was an entirely different place and era. Practices that are now regarded as horrific crimes were widely used up until the late 1800s. These acts included genocide, rape, slavery, war crimes, and the murder of unarmed civilians. Such methods were abandoned as...

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What Are The Effects Of Childhood Trauma?

Trauma is an uncontrollable and unmanageable sense of depression that commonly occurs as a result of startling and horrific circumstances such as car crashes, kidnapping, natural disasters, and other debilitating occurrences. People are affected by trauma in both the short and long term. Short-term effects include shock and self-denial, while...

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual harassment encompasses a broad variety of unwelcome and coerced sexual acts. It includes rape attempts, non-consensual physical touches, and rape. It is literally inappropriately touching or penetrating one's body against their will. Sexual harassment in universities is a common and long-standing issue. Sexual abuse is horrifying, and those who...

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The Victims of Sexual Assault and the Legal System

Victims of sexual harassment all around the world face difficulties as a result of a flawed court structure that benefits the suspect more than the victim. The number of women who have been raped by people they meet is growing. A woman was assaulted by a man she met and...

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the Poem Leda and the Swan analysis

Yeats' poem tells the tale of Leda, who was raped by Zeus, who then impregnates her and gives birth to Helen of Troy as a result of the ordeal. The poem's speaker is a reporter who covers the entire tragic event of the case and depicts Leda's struggle to forget...

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Rape Victims Among Men

Rape Victims Among Men Rape is described as the act of compelling another to engage in sexual activity without their consent. Both women and men are vulnerable to rape in today's society. On the other hand, female victims receive more attention from the government and the community than male victims....

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Feminism's Waves

Among the many subjects that have gained global recognition, feminism tops the list. It has been a bone of rivalry and a debate around many circles of life with a vary of political movements, ideologies and social movements that seek to attain social, political, personal and also financial equality of...

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Ethical dilemma of rolling stones

The legal problem of the rolling stone case is the inability of the reporter Sabrina Rubin Elderly to obtain reliable evidence on the campus rape story. In this case, the elderly received intelligence from Jackie, a rape survivor who was not able to share full information (Coronel, Coll, and Derek)....

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