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Need to write a rape essay? We prepared a variety of rape essay samples for you to read and learn from since writing essays on rape is a job not to be taken lightly. Rape is a crime that has been studied since Roman times, but its severity was not recognized right away. During antiquity, a fine was often a punishment for rape, while marital rape was not even an acknowledged offense. Today we can use rape essays to educate people on rape, analyze this horrible crime, and give this topic attention it demands. However, essays on rape are extremely demanding and challenging pieces of writing. If these essays do not seem like something you can write on your own, our essay specialists are ready to step in.

The Effects of Alcohol Use on Date Rape

Alcoholic Drinks and Social Interactions Alcoholic drinks are growing in fame and their use has become increasingly important in all social settings. They have been used to grace occasions that are casual to even the most formal social events. With the increase in the use of alcoholic drinks so has the...

Words: 1419

Pages: 6

Alcohol and Rape

Katie Roiphe and Nicholas Dixon are individuals who have written articles concerning social matters in society. It is of importance to take a keen interest of these social aspects since they involve every person in the society in one way or the either, i.e. either directly. Katie Roiphe gives a...

Words: 1839

Pages: 7

The Concept of Rape Culture

Rape culture is a phrase that was made in the United States by feminists in the 1970s. It refers to how society holds the victims of sexual harassment accountable and support male sexual violence. The term has numerous definitions and its role in everyday life. The rape culture is created...

Words: 611

Pages: 3

Rape Culture and Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual Assault on College Campuses Sexual assault is rampant in campuses and treated as a regular occurrence hence attracting little attention from the college to the national media. However, the victims continue to speak out about their experiences and the effect of such experiences on their professional life within the campus....

Words: 748

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Campuses Struggle with Approaches for Preventing Sexual Assaults

The Seriousness of Sexual Assault on College Campuses After a list of 55 universities and colleges was released by Obama's administration for investigation on sexual assault handling, the public became more aware of the seriousness of the matter. Eilene Zimmerman thought of doing a case study on the issue and the...

Words: 1695

Pages: 7

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual assault is one of the major problems facing modern-day institutions for higher learning among them universities and colleges, following this, these violent incidents in recent years have drawn a great deal of attention from students, parents, as well as administrators, policy makers, as well as the general public. Concerning...

Words: 420

Pages: 2

Sexual Assault at University of Virginia

BRENNAN, JOSEPH A., and Eric K. STERN. "Leading a campus through a crisis: The role of college and university presidents." Journal of Education Advancement " Marketing 2.2 (2017): 120-134. Brennan and Erick help in bringing an understanding on how sexual assault is a problem in institutions. The topic on sexual assault...

Words: 315

Pages: 2

Sexual Assault Awareness Campaigns

Sexual assault if the forceful coercion through words, action or physical touching of someone with the intention of having sex without their permission. The most common example of sexual assault if rape. Young girls and boys alike in their adolescence stages have fallen victims of rape. Some of these cases...

Words: 1229

Pages: 5

The History of Sexual Assault

Introduction Sexual assault is, in fact, a crucial public health problem that has attracted a growing concern across the world. Sexual assault typically connotes to the unwanted sexual activity, whereby a perpetrator makes use of threats, force, or takes advantage of the victim`s inability to provide consent. It includes attempted rape,...

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Rape Jokes by Female Comedians

The literature focuses on sexual assault in the American culture. Based on the study “America is a country where one in six women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime and only 3 percent of convicted rapists will ever spend a day in jail” (Boyle...

Words: 570

Pages: 3

Sexual Assaults on College Campus

Security on College Campuses Security has become a tremendous concern on a college campus, and extra protocols need to be established and implemented to effectively prevent the crimes from happening in various colleges. The campus safety concern is a continuously growing issue throughout America and other nations across the world. When...

Words: 2440

Pages: 9

United States v. Morrison

Christy Brzonkala, a female student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, claimed that James Crawford and Antonio Morrison, two of her fellow students who played football, had assaulted her shortly after they had first met. She claims that Morrison even expressed his wish for her to be free of infections and mentioned...

Words: 815

Pages: 3

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