About Street Gangs

Since the beginning of time, there have been street gangs. No matter how developed a nation or region is, their influence can still be felt everywhere. According to Ruble & Turner (2000), the term "street gang" designates a specific group made up of young people with varying degrees of structure...

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Joining Gangs Risk Factors

Involvement in gangs and gang-related activities are on the rise throughout the country, and youngsters and children make up the majority of those who join gangs. The goal of the unlawful acts carried out by the gangs is to make money or obtain notoriety locally or abroad. The gangs are...

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about suburban gangs

The number of illegal organisations is increasing at an unprecedented rate in the United States. A typical inner city of 50,000 inhabitants might have 200 or more gang members, as an example. They may even be big in some cases, with more than 1000 members spread across many states. Since...

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the youth joining gangs

Throughout the country, the youth have become the most vulnerable age demographic in terms of gang recruiting. Despite steps taken to control the proliferation of gangs, the issue of juvenile street gangs has stood the test of time. Since many young adults are ambitious and have many unachieved aspirations, the...

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why youth do crime and join gangs

Youth gangs have evolved into violent social classes in society. They are now linked to an uptick in violent and sophisticated offenses, the majority of which are identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to an FBI survey, there are approximately 20 000 violent youth drugs with a membership...

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Critical study of ethnography

The urban ethnography of Latino street gangs provides a comprehensive study of Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles and other counties in California (Hallcom, 1999). In the often dysfunctional neighbourhoods of the study areas, it outlines the historical origins, organisation and associated crimes carried out by the gangs. In this respect,...

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why youth join gangs

Since the dawn of time, gangs have dominated the streets. Ideally, gangs are still synonymous with brutality because of the competition for dominance over other gangs that might attempt to dethrone them, which has always culminated in the loss of lives. Young children who were meant to live a long...

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Scandal of the Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks is an American music band that originally formed as a country music band, but has spanned other music genres, such as pop and alternative country music.""Destroying The Dixie Chicks Ten Years Ago"" Two sisters, Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Erwin Robison, joined Natalie Maines as the lead singer...

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