Essays on Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Over the previous decade, there has been growth in threats to critical infrastructure sectors to potential disastrous dimensions. Critical infrastructure protection has turned out to be an issue of economic stability, domestic security, and public safety.  To protect the nation from cyber-attacks to critical infrastructure it is imperative the United...

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Canine Forms of Security and CPTED

In contrast to using dogs to protect private warehouses, the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design strategy is defined in the paper, along with the reasons why it is preferable. Also described are the specifics of CPTED that I would advise the proprietors implement in order to assist in securing a...

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Ensuring physical security

Creating a physical protection system that reduces the likelihood of uncontrolled intruders in the protected area, movement inside the controlled area, and the commission of any acts intended to cause damage to property and material values as well as to personnel's lives and health is necessary to ensure physical security...

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The function of the criminal justice system

By locking up and punishing guilty parties, stopping illegal activity, and safeguarding innocent people, the criminal justice system serves to guarantee impartiality for all. The government must also provide an effective, fair justice system and public accountability. Prisons must lower crime by rendering offenders helpless, punishing offenders, discouraging others from...

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Drawing on the Antwerp Diamond heist case

Discuss (argue) what a systems approach to physical security is and why security degradation can impair the effectiveness of a well-designed PPS using the Antwerp Diamond robbery as an example. To begin, keep in mind that physical security generally refers to the protection of data, networks, software, hardware, and individuals from...

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Description of the AHCA Act

The AHCA plan intends to partially repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) by introducing reforms to the Medicaid program, among other health-care-related amendments (Bahr, Spiro & Calsyn, 2017). Medicaid is a health-care program in the United States that covers one in every five Americans, including low-income children...

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US marine protection efforts

A marine protected area is an environment set aside by state, federal, tribal, territorial, or local laws and regulations to provide long-term protection for the area's cultural and natural resources (Marine Protected Area Webmaster, n.d). The various agencies collaborate to ensure that the goals of marine protection efforts are met,...

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differences between the American and the British model of democracy

Human rights protection, an independent judiciary, and election processes are among the hallmarks of Britain and America's democracies. Given this, both systems share a number of parallels in terms of government, law, and party systems (Lijphardt, 1984, p. 67). Similarly, the methodologies differ dependent on the complexities of economic and...

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Environmental Movement in U.S.

Srikanth (2011) argues that protecting the environment is essential for all nations if they want to protect people's lives. Humans and the environment are closely intertwined since they are both necessary for one another to survive. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the ecosystem against different types of contaminants. Environmental...

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blood and the immune system

The human body's immune system refers to its natural ability to defend itself and the various ways it does so. The innate system and the adaptive system, both of which will be further detailed in the paragraphs that follow, make up the majority of its two subsystems. The immune system...

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The Integumentary System

The Integumentary System The integumentary system, one of the most significant systems in the body, is crucial. The skin, hair, nails, and exocrine glands are the main components of the integumentary system. It is important to remember that the skin is the largest organ in the entire human body, despite only...

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Protecting SMES from cyberbullying

The need for protecting small businesses from cybercrime is the major topic of this YouTube video. Internet security is a critical component for all enterprises, Welivesecurity underlines, even though it may not be the top concern. As a result, five strategies are offered to lower the danger of cybercrime, including...

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