The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Governments draft policies

that elicit positive and negative responses from the general public, with opposition leaders leading the charge. My essay would look at the Affordable Care Act, the debates surrounding it, the benefits and drawbacks to society as a whole, and a conclusion on whether the system should be extended or abolished.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was enacted in 2010. (PPAC)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Because the former president led the passage of the policy into law during the 11th Congress, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been given different names, including PPAC and Obamacare (Rak et al.). The affordable care act was passed by Obama to address the expensive medical care in the United States which had pushed the country into the rearmost in healthcare delivery.

After the legislation of Obamacare, health inequalities has dramatically been reduced, and equity is boosted. The necessity to ensure all low-income earners are insured and have a medical home will go a long way in ensuring that the healthcare system improves tremendously as all the people regardless of their income disparities will be guaranteed quality accessible healthcare at any time (Rak et al.).

The United States may still need to adopt the measures laid by top performing countries in the healthcare sector such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom, i.e., by incorporating payment systems which reward high-quality care, reporting of quality data results publically and setting a team to approach the management of chronic disorders (Schneider et al.). The affordable care act was the urgent measure to be laid to preside over other health improvement measures. Focusing on physician and patient reports and the enactment of the health reform, the United States will for sure realize a significant improvement in the delivery, coordination and the equality of the healthcare department.

Different Viewpoints of the Policy

The current United States president Donald Trump wants to see to the abolishment of the affordable care act with arguments that the policy was hurting people and insurance companies who had to pay more premiums after they realized they were treating a lot more people that they had anticipated (Carrasquillo et al.). The scenario caused premiums to rise by doubles in more than 30 states in the country.

Trump further argues that the policy has led to the withdrawal of insurance firms from the business after realizing unsustainable losses (Carrasquillo et al.). He continues to say that the move possesses a risk to residents not having an insurance company willing to offer ACA services. Trump terms the move to promoting free markets allowing firms compete for business across the states as a solution to bringing the cost of insurance lower.

President Trump plans to replace the Obamacare with the Trump care which will do things differently in that it will introduce tax credits to people who do not have insurances through work and terminating limits levied on health savings. Trump also plans on removing forceful insurances on people and freeing large companies from the obligation to insure their workers (Carrasquillo et al.).

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The affordable care act has brought a lot of positive impacts to societies at whole by ensuring that both the rich and the poor people get quality care regardless of their standards. The Obamacare does this in the following ways;

Lowering Insurance Costs

The ACA lowers premiums to be paid by up to 400 % of the poverty level and also provides coverage to adults without children which is unique. By reducing insurance costs, low-income people are eligible for quality healthcare, and this increases the health standards in the country (Rak et al.). Trumps care only looks from the perspective of business worrying about insurances yet not minding the population’s welfare regarding health care service delivery.

Emphasizes Prevention

The ACA emphasizes prevention by demanding that insurances cover ten significant health benefits which are mostly centered on prevention which must be provided for free, i.e., chronic disease screening, dental and vision care for children, well-women visits and lab tests undertaken to diagnose diseases (Rak et al.). Set preventive measures did cut costs by identifying diseases and countering them before they elevated and complicated issues which called for more money handy.

Improved Healthcare Delivery

The ACA is seen to improve healthcare delivery by donating money for scholarship and loans aimed at doubling the distribution of healthcare providers within the coming five years and also increases funding with the target of attracting doctors by up to 68%to the medically underserved communities within the rural regions. When every person in the country inconsiderate of financial status receives best affordable care, that’s a plus for the healthcare section (Rak et al.).

Boosts Equity

The affordable care act advances equity by cutting down economic disparities which also affect health (Rak et al.). When both the poor and those with the financial ability both receive quality care, fairness is nurtured, and this also promotes relationships between the two classes as bitterness is reduced.


After an in-depth study on the policy, I find it wise to say the affordable care act provides more benefits to the USA citizens as compared to the few adverse effects connected to it. The policy should be expanded and further nurtured to suit more people.

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