Essays on Healthcare

The Importance of Internal Communication in Healthcare Facilities

            Communication is an essential management tool in any organization. Communication helps the management pass important updates and instructions to the workers and get feedback from them and thus it is an integral factor in effective management (Deland et al., 9). Therefore, for healthcare facilities to be successful, they must...

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Why Affordable Care Act Should Be Abolished

Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed by the former president of the United States of America in 2010, and its provisions were majorly favoring the U.S. citizens. It was anticipated that this act would tighten the healthcare system. Some of the provisions of that act include; health prevention and promotion,...

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The Impact of Electronic Medical Record on Patient-Doctor Relationship

The article is a research based on secondary sources to establish how EMR impact the doctor-patient relationship. A literature review of the subject is conducted from relevant sources such as the Ovid MEDICINE with a clear focus on key terminologies that are related to medical technology and communications. The study...

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Palliative Care and Good Dying

Apparently, culture plays a massive role in every aspect of our lives; right from configuration of our mindset, thoughts, perceptions, and the perspective upon which we regard life in general. The fact that cultures differ implies that various cultures perceive death differently. But even as such, Jenkinson in the documentary...

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The Role of Affordable Health Act in Reducing Inequality in Access to Education

The need for affordable health care is a fundamental right for every American, hence, the reason why the federal government is committed to laying down practical measures that would enable the community members to access medical services with ease. To guarantee the citizens that the nation is engaged in catering...

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The Impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act in Los Angeles

The United States’ government has been continuously committed to reducing inequality in the provision of quality healthcare among her member states. Therefore, the government initiated the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) as one of the policies to respond to the problem of health inequality.  Taking Los Angeles as our case study,...

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The Role of International Lending Institutions in Fostering Economic Development

The availability of resources in a country is one of the major requirements for the implementation and improvement of relevant health policies. Ideally, financial resources are important in balancing healthcare services in a given population. However, most countries do not have this privilege and they, therefore, depend on the international...

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The effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act

a. Introducing the policy The government of the United States has remained committed to enhancing equality among the community members, hence, the reason why it has initiated various policies such as the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA). However, it is critical to note that ACA can be deemed as an expansion...

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The Impact of Patient-Centered Medical Homes on Healthcare in the United States

Federal health standards are in place to provide for the management of community health centres. Additional, the government also has several federal regulations that provide a criterion on how public health centres can receive state funding. However, through time some institutions have been found to be lacking behind and failing...

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Arguments for and Against the Universal Healthcare System

The National Health Service (NHS) was established primarily to provide a comprehensive, integrated service free at the point of use (Martin, Beech, MacIntosh, and Bushfield 2015). The system aimed to provide universal healthcare coverage to all in times of health care need (Oliver 2005, p.15). Despite comparing fairly...

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Music and the Mental Health of Students

I am the director of the Wollongong Mental Health Association, an organization which deals with improving and maintaining the psychological health of the members of the community. I am writing to inform you that we are commissioning a research on the impacts of music on the psychological health of students...

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Methamphetamine and Morphine Effect on the Body

Drug use brings a lot of side effects on the body. They have a wide range of direct and indirect, short and long-term effects. The side effects are usually determined by the drug used, a person s health, how much the same is taken, how the drugs are used and...

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