Essays on Healthcare

Quality Improvement Activities

This activity has been developed for the intermediate EHR student user. The student will review five patient charts from the EHR. Using “Plan, Do, Study/Check, Act” (PDSA/PDCA) students will analyze the documentation of consents in the chart for accuracy and quality. Quality management, performance improvement and initiatives within a healthcare...

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The Problem of Healthcare Costs in America

The America’s healthcare system has been developing over the years. There are new laws such as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obama Care Act, technological advancements in health care information systems, developments of treatment methods and drugs, and access systems. The advancements are further...

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Should The Federal Government Take A More Aggressive Role Or Should The Free Market Be Allowed To Reshape The System?

Should the federal government take a more aggressive role or should the free market be allowed to reshape the system? Introduction The debate about the United States' healthcare reforms ranges far and wide. There are parties or individuals who are mostly interested in issues of cost escalation and how to stop it....

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Exercise during Pregnancy

Prenatal exercise refers to physical exercise that women engage in during pregnancy, and this topic has continued to receive growing attention as a result of growing concern that women the West are gaining excessive weight during pregnancy leading to future obesity for the mother and the child. According to Gilman...

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The Role of Government in Healthcare

Examine the concerns and issues within each simulation coming from each of the following stakeholder perspectives: o patient o family o Health care professionals. Determine what could have been done differently to address the issues identified in all the options in relation to cost, quality, and access. Trevor is the patient in the simulation, and...

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The Importance of Epidemiology in Public Health

Critiques determinants and measurements of health and disease in epidemiology, public health and promotion of health and disease prevention. The research aims at examining the range of factors that are responsible for influencing the health status of individuals and the population as a whole....

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A Delayed Discharge

A delayed discharge refers to a situation where a patient is considered to be well enough for release, but they are unable to leave because arrangements for continuing support and care have yet to be concluded. The primary efforts in eliminating discharge delays are the use of nurse-led discharge...

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Regular Exercise Improves Mental Health

Regular exercise enhances body functioning and fitness. It has profound positive impacts on depression, anxiety, stress, hence it is an effective way of improving an individual’s mental well-being. Surveys show that modest amount of exercise is critical in enhancing memory, boosting mood and relieving stress. Therefore, it is necessary that...

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The Issue of Assisted Suicide

The primary issue that is trying to be resolved in the present case is where a man is ordered to face a murder trial after killing his suffering wife. The wife was suffering from terminal heart disease and Lou Gehrig's disease, and due to this condition, she was unable to...

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Patient Autonomy in Medical Decision Making

Over the last fifty years, the methods in which doctors and physicians approach medical decisions have changed significantly. The medical choices for many generations have always been left exclusively for doctors and patients if they chose to be part of it, but they still had little say in the final...

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Physician Assisted Suicide

Physician-Assisted Suicide: An Analysis Physician-assisted suicide (PAD), refers to the death of a patient helped by physicians and doctors through the administration of life-terminating medication (Menzel, "Steinbock, 2013). The Physician-Assisted suicide is similar to Euthanasia but differs in the sense that in the former, the patient receives advice about how to...

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The Need for the Legalization of Assisted Suicide in the United States

The right to life is one that causes intense debate in the United States due to the implications that this debate has on the decisions that people can make regarding their lives and bodies. One critical element in this debate is that of assisted suicide, otherwise known as physician-assisted suicide,...

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