Essays on Criminal Behavior

Robert Ulbricht

Young computer criminal Robert Ulbricht ran a darknet marketplace. The Federal Bureau of Investigations detained him in 2015, and he was later charged with a number of felonies, including money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to trade narcotics. (Aspinall, 2014). He used the internet alias The Dread Pirate Roberts. He...

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The alternatives to traditional prosecution

Alternatives to Conventional Prosecution There are alternatives to conventional prosecution, including other forms of punishment for criminal criminals than incarceration. Instead of using the most common form of incarceration known to man, the alternative style of prosecution projects a series of urgent demands on the offenders. (spending time in jail). The...

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Drug trafficking problem

Drug Trafficking and Its Methods With individuals from various regions engaged in the sale, transportation, and importation of illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin among others, drug trafficking has become a widespread issue in many nations around the globe. Different regions have different drug trafficking cultures, and the laws there...

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The Federal drug policy

Early Drug Policy in the United States Early in the 1980s, the Federal Drug Policy of the United States of America went into force. Federal drug crimes have been subject to penalties under this general strategy. These punishments range from five to ten years in federal prison, but are not restricted...

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Importance of Remorse in Legal Change

An individual's complicated emotional display of regret An individual's complicated emotional display of regret. A person forgives another person because of the merciful feelings that are present in this situation. It can also be described as having a strong sense of remorse after doing something that is viewed negatively by society....

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Alternatives to Crime

Preventing Crime Through Providing Options There are two conditions that must be met for any crime to be committed. First, there must be a criminally motivated person—either an adult or a juvenile—and second, there must be a specific chance for the crime to be committed. However, there are practical and effective...

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Characteristic Shape Gang Membership and Gang Behavior

Both society and law enforcement organizations are very concerned about the proliferation of gangs in this time period. Therefore, this essay will examine the growing number of gangs in both urban and rural regions. The paper requires the use of evidence from different works on the subject by other scholars....

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Exemptions and Autrefois Acquit

According to the constitution and laws, a "autrefois acquit" is a declaration that an individual who has been charged with a crime has not actually committed it. (Kumar, 2016). The law also demonstrates that the defendant making the request should have been exonerated of the same crime or misdemeanor, and...

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Trespass Act Amendment to Enable Occupier To Arrest Trespassers

When someone obstructs Your personal property is protected by the Trespass Act if there are no strong legal justifications. The legislation in Australia allows for the arrest and use of anyone who willfully enters private property. (Balganesh 603). However, unless the offender performs a felony, the law forbids a citizen from...

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Deviant Behavior Causes

The way the law is interpreted has changed as a result of numerous events occurring all over the globe. The fight to change the legislation to permit particular activities has always been about universal principles that are applied differently in various states or countries. The goal of this has been...

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Equifax Company white collar theft

Equifax Company suffered white collar theft in March 2017. Equifax is a credit bureau that gathers and compiles data on people and companies all over the globe. Eight hundred million users and about eight million sales make up its user group. Equifax offers customers direct fraud prevention services in addition...

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A defamation trial

What exactly is libel? If a statement is false and is disseminated to a third party, whether on purpose or unintentionally, it is deemed defamatory. The party who has suffered harm may file a defamation lawsuit if the publication of the said remark causes it. Defamation laws are in place...

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