Essays on Criminal Behavior

Canada’s Prison Reforms

Young criminal offenders who have committed multiple violent crimes, including murders, robberies, and other forms of violence, have increased dramatically in Canada (Desroches, 2002). A sizable portion of offenders are in their middle years. In spite of lower crime rates, the growing prison population is a cause for concern in…

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The Death Penalty in America

Because of the treacherous crimes and hazardous criminals that exist in today’s society and legal system, Tyler claims that the death sentence is unavoidable in today’s society and legal system (307). Human activist lobby groups have repeatedly urged the government to abolish the death sentence because they perceive it as…

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Crime from gangs

In organized gangs, stealing, substance addiction and disputes that end in fighting are three of the most common types of antisocial behavior. Organized gangs typically search for criminal means to support themselves by earning profits. Since they own illicit guns, they choose to steal and engage in crimes such as…

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Critical Criminology in the U.S

Globally, the United States of America has the largest number of prison cases. Researchers believe that the high rates are the product of the dependency of the world on imprisonment as the predominant form of punishment in society for crimes. Notable, in contrast to their white counterparts and those people…

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Hate Crime

Hate crime is described as a violent act in which the victim is motivated by an intention to harm others of a certain faith, ethnicity, or gender. There has been a substantial rise in terrorist attacks across the world over the last three decades, which has resulted in the worsening…

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Are Criminals Rational Decision Makers?

There is apparently no single reward for all criminals in society. Owing to the psychological and emotional drivers, some individuals commit crime from a reasonable decision-making process while others commit crime. Therefore, an attempt to address this question by offering a yes or no in any sense will not be…

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