Essays on Data Analysis

Data Visualization

The questionnaires are closed ended and they will be self-administered. The assumption made in this exercise of data collection is that all the respondents-parents of the children are literate. The questions will be simple and short. Presenting the questionnaires in person to the parents and caregivers during social events or...

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The Importance of Data Analysis in Research

Kindly note that if a source was in the previous paper and not in this final it is because the student had listed it and did not use it in citation so I have removed it. In addition, some of the sources may seem to have different names because in...

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Analysis of Skewness

Skewness Skewness is asymmetrical in a statistical distribution, where the curve appears distorted or concentrated either to the left or to the right. Skewness can be used to define the extent to which a distribution differs from normal distribution. When a curve or distribution in a graph is classical or symmetrical,...

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Despite the existence of numerous meanings, outliers are understood as data points which are far outside the standard for a population or a variable. The outlier could be an observation or a reading that is too different from other readings to the extent that it raises suspicion in regards to...

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Outlier Analysis

Outliers are data point(s) that deviate so much from the others that suspicions of having been generated through a different mechanism from the rest are aroused, or an indication of an error having been committed while compiling the data (Cressie, 2015). Special cases of outliers are fringeliers, which are data...

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Outlier Analysis

Outliers and their Causes Outliers are data points, sets of data or observations that fall far outside the normal variable population (Osborne & Overbay, 2004). Such data is inconsistent with the majority of the intended population or the variable range. It can be brought about by an experimental error or special...

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Misleading Graphs in Statistics

Introduction There are so many confusing aspects between the various uses of histograms and bar charts, a bar chart for one is made of different columns that are plotted in a graph (Daly, "Bourke, 2008). Histograms on the other hand, just like the bar charts have their columns uniquely plotted in...

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The Appropriate Data Analysis Techniques for the Study

The type of food eaten determines eating habits of individuals. 2. How DNA affects height. Variables: Independent: DNA                  Dependent: Height Hypothesis: The DNA of an individual has impact on tallness or shortness of a person. Data Analysis How Food affects Habits The appropriate data analysis techniques for the study will be use of Statistical Package for...

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The Importance of Human Intuition in Decision Making

A comparison between the effectiveness of decision making using computer-driven data and human intuition A comparison between the effectiveness of decision making when using computer-driven data as opposed to human intuition is prone to spark controversy. A lot of things human beings used to do like keeping records, filing, accounting, mathematics...

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Analysis of Crime Trends in California

Twitter is one of the biggest information hubs of our century and things being so, a lot of information is posted and consumed within a given period of time .One of the topics that have caused a real buzz over the past few years has been the out of control...

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Examples of Primary and Secondary Data

Primary data simply means the data from the original source with the purpose in mind. It is the kind of data that has not been distorted by a third party unlike the secondary data that can be described as the kind of data that has been collected by any other...

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The tourism and hotel industry in the world is booming with a potential to post even better results. However, the rising use of the internet particularly in social networking sites has the potential to help hotels attract more customers (Hanson, 2016). Before social media was invented and made popular, customers...

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