Essays on Statistics

Statistics is an irreplaceable learning tool, which you can shed light on in your statistics essay. Statistics essays define it as the collection, processing, accumulation, and analysis of data that characterize education, the country's economy, its culture, and other vital phenomena in the life of society. Term “statistics” derived from the Latin word “status”, which means “a state of affairs”. This term was first used by the German scientist Gottfried Achenwall in 1749. Essays on statistics explore how statistics develops a special methodology for research and processing of materials. Our statistics essay samples will benefit your essay writing – essay samples may help you pick up on some points you might have missed otherwise.

Statistics on social life

How many people scored 75 or lower on the questionnaire, according to the cumulative frequency polygon below? On the exam, the students received a score of less than 75. The populations of the world’s ten most prominent countries (rounded to the nearest million inhabitants) were as follows in 2000, according…

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Knowledge Management Research

This record offers the research findings of the position of knowledge management system in helping students. The research is based on a sample of 480 college students from a college in Victoria between year 2 and yr 12 of study. The following table represents the descriptive facts for three variables…

Words: 742

Pages: 3

Long-Term Unemployment.

Long-term unemployment occurs when a person is out of a job for 27 weeks or longer. To be listed as such by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one must have successfully found jobs in the preceding four weeks. 1 (Kimberly Amedeo) After six months of looking for jobs and coming…

Words: 935

Pages: 4

about air pollution

Today’s culture rates individuals based on material items such as the vehicle they drive, the clothing they wear, the kind of community they live in, the home they live in, and several other factors that have increased consumerism and industrial practices. Furthermore, figures show that the middle class is increasingly…

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Business Analytics

The methodological and iterative assessment of the information given by an organization is business analytics that emphasizes the statistical assessment. It is used primarily by companies that are interested in verdicts based on results. It deals primarily with market intelligence and statistical analysis. It is used mainly to gain insights…

Words: 881

Pages: 4

Can public schools be substituted with home schooling

Homeschooling is a practice in which students undergo guidance from their teachers while at home. It is a campaign that introduces children to a variety of problems, rendering it ineffective as a viable solution to public schools. Though it is not always possible to obtain homeschooling numbers, it has been…

Words: 702

Pages: 3

Abuse Awareness Advocacy

Make four lists of potential targets for activism. The goals for which organization activism is recommended, one for regulatory advocacy, one for legal advocacy, and the last for group advocacy, should be included in one list. As noted in the book, proponents should use indirect approaches to gather statistics on…

Words: 574

Pages: 3

Binomial distribution

If an experiment generates only two results and measures the likelihood of an occurrence happening when a fixed number of experiments are used, a binomial distribution is used. When a discrete likelihood distribution exists, in each case only two mutually excluded outcomes (only two options) exist (Bluman, Allan G). These…

Words: 323

Pages: 2

Confidence interval refers to an approach in statistics

Confident interval is an approach in statistics that offers some predetermined assurance that measurements of a population can be obtained. Its description is mainly based on limit errors. Some of the intervals that have been used include 99%, 95% and 90%. The 95 percent trust is primarily used for several…

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Pages: 2

The cause of tacoma bridge collapse

The Tacoma Bridge was built between 1938 and 1940. It was 5000 feet long, 39 feet wide, with two lanes of traffic, and 2800 feet long. The bridge was built in the state of Washington. According to data on the history of suspension bridges, the findings show that many were…

Words: 1760

Pages: 7

Quantitative and qualitative methods

Qualitative and quantitative methodological similarities and variations The primary approaches used by researchers in the world today are qualitative and quantitative methods. The approaches have variations and similarities. Study is a method for gathering some information or data to answer a particular query. Statistics are the basis for quantitative methods….

Words: 901

Pages: 4

Today’s Drivers’ Dangerous Habits

With the figures of casualties and fatalities caused by crashes and traffic mistakes, road carnage is a worldwide issue. Accidents may happen on purpose, but they are typically caused by errors of omission or commission. The word “omission” refers to a driver’s decision to do something that they should have…

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