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Statistics is an irreplaceable learning tool, which you can shed light on in your statistics essay. Statistics essays define it as the collection, processing, accumulation, and analysis of data that characterize education, the country's economy, its culture, and other vital phenomena in the life of society. Term “statistics” derived from the Latin word “status”, which means “a state of affairs”. This term was first used by the German scientist Gottfried Achenwall in 1749. Essays on statistics explore how statistics develops a special methodology for research and processing of materials. Our statistics essay samples will benefit your essay writing – essay samples may help you pick up on some points you might have missed otherwise.

Statistics on Student Anxiety

Most institutions require students to enroll in either statistics or research techniques courses as a pre-requisite portion of their diploma or degree programs, dependent on the design of their curricula. However, students frequently exhibit significant levels of statistics anxiety, which has been defined by aversion to enrolling in such classes…

Words: 1501

Pages: 6

High and Low Cultural Artifacts

It is a well-known truth that individuals in the twentieth century stratified their culture in a substantial way, despite the fact that historians disagree on what constitutes high culture and low culture (Cohen, 2010). The majority of individuals concur that high culture has reached its pinnacle in the world. Therefore,…

Words: 2114

Pages: 8

About Childhood Obesity in New York City

According to Ogden, Carroll, and Kit (2014), more than 30% of American youngsters are considered obese, and it’s quite likely that this percentage will keep rising. According to current projections, childhood obesity will have a far more damaging effect on youngsters in this country under the age of 19 than…

Words: 827

Pages: 4

The state of California maintains crime data

Crime statistics are kept by the state of California. The state’s attorney general is required by law to gather, examine, and report statistical data that offers reliable indicators of crime and the administration of justice. California crime statistics can be accessed at, under the department of justice. The website…

Words: 659

Pages: 3

Data mining

Data mining, or DM, is the process of locating data that has been dispersed within a sizable database. It is a new field that incorporates various specialties, such as database management, statistics, and information science. It is utilized to extract trends and patterns from the recorded data that human analysis…

Words: 649

Pages: 3

Why a large number of firms are employing temporary employees

Statistics show that since 1990, the number of people employed permanently has decreased by 50%, and temporary workers have taken their place. There are numerous reasons for the trend, including globalization, flexibility, the availability of new skills, cost-saving measures, hiring decisions that have purpose, and lastly morale-boosting measures (Segal, 2007)….

Words: 3029

Pages: 12

decision making in business

Statistical approaches are critical to improving the scientific study. The approach used is important in ensuring that the study’s conclusions are definitive and result in the creation of applicable recommendations. The aim of this research is to analyze the various figures that can be used in relation to the described…

Words: 569

Pages: 3

evidence based medicine statistics

This article examines the use of mathematical techniques in medicine. In-depth, the nature of such methods as p-value, hypothesis tests, and their common combination in modern studies were represented. Special attention is paid to the accurate analysis of statistical findings and statistics provided by pharma and doctors. Alternatives to existing…

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Pages: 5

Statistics on social life

How many people scored 75 or lower on the questionnaire, according to the cumulative frequency polygon below? On the exam, the students received a score of less than 75. The populations of the world’s ten most prominent countries (rounded to the nearest million inhabitants) were as follows in 2000, according…

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Pages: 3

Knowledge Management Research

This record offers the research findings of the position of knowledge management system in helping students. The research is based on a sample of 480 college students from a college in Victoria between year 2 and yr 12 of study. The following table represents the descriptive facts for three variables…

Words: 742

Pages: 3

Long-Term Unemployment.

Long-term unemployment occurs when a person is out of a job for 27 weeks or longer. To be listed as such by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one must have successfully found jobs in the preceding four weeks. 1 (Kimberly Amedeo) After six months of looking for jobs and coming…

Words: 935

Pages: 4

Business Analytics

The methodological and iterative assessment of the information given by an organization is business analytics that emphasizes the statistical assessment. It is used primarily by companies that are interested in verdicts based on results. It deals primarily with market intelligence and statistical analysis. It is used mainly to gain insights…

Words: 881

Pages: 4

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