A Cross product

A geometrical method of multiplying two vectors is the cross product. The symbol “” designates this as a three-dimensional product method. This product technique has a wide range of uses in physics, engineering, and computer science. Dot and cross products have some similarities because they both use a three-dimensional method,…

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Algebra in secondary schools

In recent years, arguments against the need for secondary school students to learn mathematics, including algebra, have gained traction. Hacker (2012) questions the importance of algebra in high school students’ future careers, claiming that it restricts the development of their skills. Algebra, and mathematics in general, according to opponents, is…

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Binomial distribution

If an experiment generates only two results and measures the likelihood of an occurrence happening when a fixed number of experiments are used, a binomial distribution is used. When a discrete likelihood distribution exists, in each case only two mutually excluded outcomes (only two options) exist (Bluman, Allan G). These…

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Linear Regression

TThis is the modeling of a conditional relation as a straight line between two variables. Y is often dependent on X; hence, regression is used for modeling Y behavior in X, as it was in the prediction, outside of the established data set. How do I regress linearly in SPSS?…

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