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About Phonetics

In chapter 5, Fromkin et al. (189) discuss phonetics and define them as “language sounds.” Phonetics is the study of how people from various languages use or mix sounds to form words. That is the science behind speech sounds. The writers contend that people who speak different languages mix sounds…

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The Poem A Nosty Fright

The poem A Nasty Fright exemplifies knowledge of both sound and meaning. Any reader would definitely conclude at first that it has no meaning because it is a jumble of words with and without meaning. First and foremost, a dictionary or thesaurus would be worthless. The first four lines are…

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Word Invention

The English Language is arguably the most developed language on earth, having a phrase for almost anything and everything underneath the sun, which is known to human beings. The language has taken centuries to develop, adopting words for feelings, inventions, discoveries, and natural phenomena from different languages as well as…

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English Language: Gerund

A Gerund is described as the – ing form of a verb when it is functioning as a noun. As a verbal derivative, it can function as both a verb and a noun. When functioning as a verb, it is certified by an adverb and has an object following it….

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Academic English and social English

Academic English and social English are not different languages; however, there is a difference in their applications. Academic English is a language required for college achievement, while social English is the language of daily communication in both oral and written ways. While they have some variations, they still have some…

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My Interest in a Major in English

English has usually been an interesting language for me. I grew up learning more than simply what was required for the average teenager. I remember perusing thru the dictionary and writing out words alongside their meanings in a separate notebook with the aim of the use of them in my…

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English Language and British intellectually

It is the major point of focus on this minute as he uses this to exhibit how much he considers the English language superior as well as the culture, beliefs, and morals of the British. According to the author, these are traits and traits he would like passed on to…

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Philippines and USA Comparison

I have to renowned that there is a massive difference between the United States and my native country, Philippines in almost everything. From culture, language, the administrative structure, economic, ambition, social and financial development and the attitudes of Americans towards immigrants. On the positive side, I have top memories of…

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Sex in The Canterbury Tales

Sex is a major theme in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer approaches the subject by vividly explaining who has sex, who does not, how people continue to get it, and the consequences. Given the age gap between Alison and John, the story implies that a young person is an…

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The Importance of Culture and Language Education in California

The United States of America has the most advanced technology in the world, which is one of the key reasons why students from all over the world come here to study. These students are motivated by a desire to learn as well as a belief in the American dream. Even…

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Personal View of Skills

I am specialized in languages such as English, 3D computer animation, writing and using word processors and adobe PageMaker. “I have the ability to speak several languages, such as Arabic, English and Japanese, and I can write these languages as well.” I know things about the film industry, 3D modeling,…

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Second Language Speaker’s Language Patterns analysis

In modern America, there are various English vernaculars, some of which are popular, especially in specific geographic settings, and others that have been produced and developed by immigrants. Any laws of American English have gradually improved as a result of new English speakers in the United States of America. Latinos…

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