Essays on Endangered Languages

Reasons Language Extinction

The Importance of Preserving Endangered Languages The purpose for caring about languages, such as Chulym, Chemehuevi, or Kallawaya, is to sustain and shield the languages from extinction. There is fulfillment and a feeling of self-belonging in knowing and perceiving one's background. Thus, it is imperative to take into account measures that...

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The Oromo people of Ethiopia

The Oromo population occupies "Oromia," Ethiopia's central region with a total population of almost 30 million people (Hussein, 2004). Oromia is said to be the original motherland and they speak the language of Oromo. In addition to living their lives as nomadic pastoralists, the Oromo practice subsistence agriculture. They are...

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Cree forms one of First Nation’s largest groups of people.

Cree is one of the largest groups of people in the First Nation. The bulk of their members live in Canada, and are based in North America. Any of these people live on Lake Superior to the north and west, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the northwest regions. In the USA,...

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