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Linguistics is a broad term that refers to the study of languages. Linguistics is the study of language’s structure and meaning, as well as its context. Person communication is difficult without the use of language, whether in the form of sign language, written or spoken words, and symbols. Language is…

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america and linguistics

Language is a system of traditional spoken, written, or standard representations by which humans communicate themselves as members of a social community and participants in its society. Importantly, it plays an important role in human interactions through communication, creative speech, emotional release, identity expression, and play. There are primarily two…

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Barsoomian Language

The used language in the movie John Carter is Barsoomian. The language has lexical words with grammatical words such as prepositions and pronouns. The fictional language has initial consonants that are suffixed: (tu “I,” kik “him,” reduce “me,” ki “he”) and in the plural, they are pointed out as (du/…

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English Language: Gerund

A Gerund is described as the – ing form of a verb when it is functioning as a noun. As a verbal derivative, it can function as both a verb and a noun. When functioning as a verb, it is certified by an adverb and has an object following it….

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Research of Linguistics and Primatology

I would wish to explore call combinations employed by gorillas’ (Gorilla beringei beringi) for an incoming threat or/and danger. The researcher’s filed work would come with a focused observation of gorillas to know their behaviour. Methods and Research Approach The researcher would use participant observation as a knowledge collection method…

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Linguistic Anthropology

The fields of anthropology encompass linguistic anthropology, which deals with the communication technique in human beings, cultural anthropology whose primary focus is gaining knowledge of the culture of different corporations of people within the society, and organic anthropology, which deals with non-cultural aspects as these of monkeys. The final field…

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Reasons Language Extinction

The purpose for caring about languages for example Chulym, Chemehuevi, or Kallawaya is to sustain and shield the languages from extinction. There is fulfillment and a feeling of self-belonging in knowing and perception one’s background. Thus, it is imperative to take into account measures that protect and facilitate the unfold…

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Linguistic Research

Linguistic Research in Dakota/Lakota Language may be a description of scholarly studies undertaken by scholars of the language and culture of the Sioux tribes from early 19th century to the 20th century. Missionaries of the first 19th century were curious about learning language so as to be effective in their…

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Saving dying languages

Saving dying languages is important due to countless reasons. One of the causes, why it is necessary to hold languages that are almost vanishing such as Kakuma in Peru, is to supply future generations the chance to hint their cultural origins and understand their past (Silver). It is also quintessential…

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Anne Curzan “Says Who? Teaching and Questioning the Rules of Grammar”

A few intriguing and divisive questions clearly stand out in “Says Who? Teaching and Challenging the Laws of Grammar by Anne Curzan. In a wider and more important perspective, the points put forth by Curzan are very exciting, in the sense that vocabulary and the field of linguistics as a…

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