Essays on Language Extinction

language extinction and culture loss

1. John McWhorter, a well know linguist, disagrees with most anthropologists regarding the link between language and culture loss. He argues that the loss of a language does NOT equate with the loss of a culture. He presents his views in: What arguments does he put forward in support of his...

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Reasons Language Extinction

The Importance of Preserving Endangered Languages The purpose for caring about languages, such as Chulym, Chemehuevi, or Kallawaya, is to sustain and shield the languages from extinction. There is fulfillment and a feeling of self-belonging in knowing and perceiving one's background. Thus, it is imperative to take into account measures that...

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Saving dying languages

Saving dying languages is important due to countless reasons. One of the causes, why it is necessary to hold languages that are almost vanishing such as Kakuma in Peru, is to supply future generations the chance to hint their cultural origins and understand their past (Silver). It is also quintessential...

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