Essays on Language Diversity


Language has always played an important role in a country's political process. It is one of the primary tools used as agents of positive or negative change. Most world tyrants have always employed neutral means to intervene in instances requiring the analysis and explanation of a written or oral communication...

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About language learning

Language is one of the factors that influence pupils' learning abilities. Learners with a foreign cultural orientation are frequently categorized in the incorrect learning group. Because of his or her inability to communicate in the language of the majority in that society, a foreign student is likely to experience stigma....

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Second Language Benefits

Learning one's native language is necessary because it is an essential component of culture, community, and nation. But as things have changed, so have the demands for learning a second language. Conflicts and missed opportunities, especially in trade and business, might result from a language barrier. In order to ensure...

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About Phonetics

In chapter 5, Fromkin et al. (189) discuss phonetics and define them as "language sounds." Phonetics is the study of how people from various languages use or mix sounds to form words. That is the science behind speech sounds. The writers contend that people who speak different languages mix sounds...

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The Language of Violence

According to the writer, language is impartial and used as a medium to express the attitude of the individual that is using it, which implies that it has no prejudice or agenda on its own but only reinforces the social meaning of the people who use it. It can be...

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Language Awareness

The two readings, Language Awareness by Paul Eschholz and On Being 17, Bright and Unable to Read by Raymond David, both have a strong theme of courage. Learners benefit from language diversity because it allows them to build self-confidence and believe in themselves. Courage makes tough times easier because it...

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Barsoomian Language

The used language in the movie John Carter is Barsoomian. The language has lexical words with grammatical words such as prepositions and pronouns. The fictional language has initial consonants that are suffixed: (tu “I,” kik “him,” reduce “me,” ki “he”) and in the plural, they are pointed out as (du/...

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