Achilles the Greek god

Without a doubt, Achilles’ supernatural strength is the most apparent aspect that is examined in Homer’s works, The Iliad. Achilles is praised for his bravery and ability to assist the misfortune when battling the supernatural monsters that are present at the moment. He is considered a favored person and a…

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On Being Brought from Africa to America

The literary piece to be explored in this article is Phyllis Wheatley’s poetry “On Being Carried from Africa to America.” The project will be linked to critical race theory. Phyllis Wheatley was the first African-American female in the United States to publish a poetry book. She was able to escape…

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critique of greek society

Medea is a play that is a social satire of Greek culture. The play is based on Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy, Jason and Medea, and depicts them as lovers who end up hurting each other. Medea was a former princess of the kingdom of Colchis who rose to prominence in…

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resistance of female in Greek Literature and Culture

Women’s positions as established by society proved to diminish their worth and act to undermine their status. Lysistrata and Medea are two works of Greek literature that illustrate how women defy gender discrimination in society. Medea, the play’s heroine, battles her husband Jason, who is riddled with traditional tropes. Similarly,…

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roman and ancient greek mythology

Greek myths are epic legends about overcoming difficult challenges and stories about gods and goddesses ruling the world. To others, they are legends of humans clashing with gods, with the winner or loser ending up bloodied, burned, or transformed into animals or plants. A causal interpretation of the tales would…

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Greek Mythology

The Greeks used drama and mythology to describe almost all that happened in their cultures. Homer built on these dimensions by developing epic stories that reflect the glory days synonymous with the Greeks’ past lives. For example, the gods and goddess characters are given human traits to get them closer…

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roman and ancient greek mythology

Greek myths are epic legends of overcoming daunting challenges and the dominance of gods and goddesses over the world. A causal interpretation of the tales would yield only a few outstanding stories of battles, conflicts, and romance told by old storytellers. A deeper understanding, on the other hand, reveals morality,…

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Greek myth of Hermes lessons that are applicable in life

The beliefs and teachings mentioned in Greek mythology are among the most treasured tales in art and religion. The ancient Greeks clearly believed that gods and goddesses dominated existence and determined the lives of the living (Sirni). They treated them with reverence and interacted with them in their daily lives,…

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Stranger Than Fiction

It may seem strange to compare a contemporary film about a mundane IRS agent and his everyday life to a classic work of Greek literature on the surface. Still, there are some fascinating similarities worth noting. Comparing these two works allows one to see how little the human experience and…

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The debate over whether Socrates or Anytus is correct

Every aspect of human life requires critical thinking because it promotes in-depth insight into knowledge, reality, and the existence of certain things. Socrates was a well-known Greek philosopher, as evidenced by works by other classical writers such as his student Plato. Socrates believes in providing insight that inspires people to…

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“In Chekhov’s world, to live is to suffer, and those who suffer the least are less vital.”

“In Chekhov’s world, to live is to suffer, and those who suffer the least are less vital.” ‘Maurice Valency’ is a fictional character created by Maurice Valency. Chekhov was a prolific Russian playwright, best known for his play Uncle Vanya. Chekhov’s plays dealt with the philosophy of life and were…

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Socrates Essay

Socrates was one of the most influential thinkers of the Greek empire. He was born in the Greek city of Athens. His father was also a well-known stonemason and sculptor. During the classical era, he began his philosophical study. This period was known as the Socratic period. This was in…

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