Essays on The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is regarded as one of the oldest epics still in existence today. Since it is founded on oral history, it is a fine example of a primary epic. The author uses literary and poetic devices synonymous with epics in The Odyssey. Similes, hero evaluations, catalogs, divine intervention, digressions,…

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The role of women in “Odyssey”

Women’s roles in “Odyssey” are depicted negatively. Nobody should argue that this Greek epic portrays women as seductresses. Notably, Odyssey and his men are drawn to Circe’s house by her seductive singing, and Homer explains that Circe is a sexy goddess who sings to lure men. The men are pulled…

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Stranger Than Fiction

It may seem strange to compare a contemporary film about a mundane IRS agent and his everyday life to a classic work of Greek literature on the surface. Still, there are some fascinating similarities worth noting. Comparing these two works allows one to see how little the human experience and…

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