Socrates Essay

Socrates was one of the most influential thinkers of the Greek empire. He was born in the Greek city of Athens. His father was also a well-known stonemason and sculptor. During the classical era, he began his philosophical study. This period was known as the Socratic period. This was in recognition of the good deeds and greatness he had accomplished during his golden years. Several philosophers who were already Pre-Socrates existed at this time. These people were just interested in one thing: the universe. In most cases, they wanted to create the mechanism or how the world will function. However, his mission was different to these people. In his educational life, he had that Greek intellect. His education mostly consisted of reading, music and gymnastics, astronomy, writing and even more of geometry. He later devoted his life to the use of intellectual interests completely marking up his prolific life. In the history of philosopher, he had emerged to be the first and major philosopher whose works were based on ethics (Bolte, 2016). His main concern was to find out how different people were supposed to behave in their day to day living.
It has often been difficult for one to assess the way of his life since not much about him was revealed. However, his actions were outstanding and hence one would clearly know him. However, through one of his students, much about him is revealed. Through most of the dialogues of Plato, his student, much about him is revealed. One of his prime achievements was becoming the founder of western philosophy. Some of the areas where he did entirely well were in the fields of epistemology, ethics and logics as well. His lasting and important contribution to these fields cannot be underrated. One of his best fields was in the methodology of philosophy. Here he was able to come up with the method which he usually referred to as the Socratic Method or Elenchus in other words. Most of his views were used and became instrumental in the formation of many philosophical movements in Greece. This also involved the schools that came after him. Some of the movements that were able to arise as a result of his influence included the Platonism, cynicism, Stoicism, Hedonism and Aristotelianism.
Influence of the life of Socrates as a philosopher
The life and deeds of Socrates really played an important role in the influence of other philosophers who came after him. They were able to study the doctrines of the great Anaxagoras, Heraclitus and even Parmenides. These doctrines were very fundamental in influencing the lives of other younger Socrates who were still developing. Their teachings were vital since they were used by these young guys as the basics of all that they were about to achieve. One of the very perfect examples of who was influenced by the life Socrates was Plato who was one his own very best student (Mughal and Zafar, 2011). Plato would constantly worship this man and also valued the fact that he had been the primary and main author of his life and perhaps was set to mark his destiny. In most of his works afterwards, he was constantly able to cite him since he was very fundamental. This also influenced the future students of Plato such as the Aristotle.
His influence also in the modern society was also great and was valued from all over. He enabled different people to be greatly inspired. He was an ultimate hero who represented a perfect example of people who would live by their own principalities. This was his main desire even though the end results were not that good. This lifestyle would later cost him his whole life. His moral and ethics were able to influence a number of people who would constantly follow his precious works (Usoro and Khan, 2012).
Theory of Socrates as a philosopher
Socrates had developed different theories that focused on various subjects of matter. However, one of the theories that were well evident was that of consensus. Through this theory, various rhetorical questions would be revealed. One of the things that this theory focused on was the issue of why people would disagree with each other. He also focused on establishing the ways through which consensus would be achieved at the end of everything. He also laid a deep foundation is matters pertaining to the precedence opinion that was to be well taken note of. Socrates had the desire to acquire something great using the self-knowledge that one had. He had the belief that truth and goodness were divinely placed in the souls of various individuals. The same would apply to pure moral and ethical instincts. He believed that awakening of consciousness would be the fundamental thing in as far as the whole issue is concerned. He also had the belief that consensus as one of the important factors was just underlying below the surface and would constantly await the process of being acknowledged. He had the belief that self-control and courage marked the best destiny for a man once they were all identified (Bashir et al., 2014). The property over the ambitious desires was also a very fundamental key in the quest for the whole truth that laid in the life of man.
Reflection on the consensus theory
This theory had been widely used in most of the occasions. It had emerged to be one of the most important theories of all times. Through it, one would be able to identify their destiny and plan for all the ambitions that they had. Through it, the whole concept of ignorance was known to be the only barrier. It therefore required each and every individual to be to be ready for change. This would happen in a case where one had identified that there are things that he/she never knew. It enabled people to acquire the knowledge that the value of various virtues would be fundamental in the improving of life standards. This would only be the case once people had decided to apply it to the end. This means that the theory was to take precedence over any form of personal power that would have existed and also the pleasure and desire were to be considered here.
Influence of his philosophy on the modern world
The philosophy of Socrates had been of great significance to the world today. This is because the modern world has been able to recognize the influence of this diminutive man who had come from a culture that had become distinct. Different leaders such as the king Martin Luther of the united states of America and Gandhi who was able to come up with the Indian independence were able to greatly benefit from his philosophy. King martin Luther had the belief that self-confidence and control was the key to their success. He was able to also mark the changes in terms of intellectual fulfillment and culture. The new cultures were able to adopt some of his key ideas in their day to day lives and activities.

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