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The Meaning of Cockney

To start with, the word Cockney has a number of varied geographical, social as well as linguistic interrelations. Initially, the term was used in reference to all cities’ occupants, but it was slowly restricted to the city of London specifically the Bow-Bell Cockneys, or those who were “born within earshot”...

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The Advantages of Being a Polyglot

The ability to comprehend, read, write, or speak multiple languages is referred to as polyglotism. Therefore, polyglots are individuals with these abilities to manipulate and fully expressing themselves in several languages as if it were their mother tongues. According to Erard (2013), multilingualism as a gift which only a few...

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The Importance of Being a Polyglot

Polyglotism can referbe referred to as the knowledge and comprehension of several languages. Therefore a polyglot is an individual who understands and can also effectively commutate in several languages (Hemphill 1971, p.12).Wagner, R.F., 2018). Much importance could be associated with being a polyglot most especially in thea job market and...

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The Importance of Being a Polyglot

Polyglot refers to individuals with knowledge of several languages and can, therefore, understand, read, write as well as speak these languages (Brenna, 2016, p.161). Most polyglots learn the use of several dialects through avocation. Polyglots learn many words out of their love for dialects, interests in other cultures or as...

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Audiovisual Translation of American English Humor

Humor is ubiquitous in everyday life and many studies present descriptive, discursive, quantitative as well as other types of analysis in examining the way elements in humorous extracts from American comedies such as Malcolm in the Middle, Shrek, and others, pass through linguistic as well as intercultural barriers in dubbed...

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Heritage Language Acquisition in Portuguese Immigrants in Ipswich

For a long period of time, The U.K has had a migration tradition with people from other neighbouring European countries residing in the country following their immigration. The important part of this migration movement into the UK is comprised of both Europeans as well as Non-Europeans thus suggesting the absence...

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Advantages of Being a Polyglot

Communication and Globalization Communication is an indispensable tool in today's global society. In the era of globalization, the need to engage a communication framework that is both sensitive and comprehensible cannot be overstated. Being a polyglot may significantly aid an individual in the current society. The term refers to the ability...

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The Importance of Being Polyglot

A polyglot is a term used to refer to an individual who depicts the proficiency in speaking, writing and reading in several or more languages. Due to globalisation, a huge number of people seek to learn different foreign languages to increase their scope of interactions in a multilingual world (Jack,...

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The Properties of Language

Language is an essential aspect of human beings because it facilitates communication. There exists a variety of languages worldwide, and for them to be understood, they are grammatical rules that must be strictly adhered to. The rules ensure constituency in the language, such that it can be learned and comprehended...

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A Validity Study of the UWIST Mood Adjective Checklist

Validity Validity is universally appreciated as the most important and critical feature of any testing program. It entails everything that makes a test useful and meaningful. There are three main types of validity tests which are content validity, criterion validity and construct validity. Before carrying out a particular test,...

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The Relationship Between Language and Cognition

The relationship existing between language and cognition or thought has for a long time been a matter of huge scholarly debate in a bid to identify how the two affect each other. Studies show that there is a link between the two as well as the fact that they both...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bilingualism

Bilingualism and its Benefits Bilingualism, also termed as “multilingualism” or rather “polyglotism”, refers to a phenomenon whereby an individual learns and is therefore able to speak two or more languages. Moreover, it can also be termed as a fluctuating system in children as well as adults whereby the application of as...

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