Hercules: A Classical Hero

Hercules is a classical hero in Greek mythology. Hercules was the son of Zeus and the mortal lady Alcmena. Hercules was a legendary figure best remembered for his 12 labors, the first of which, the Nemean lion slaughter, supplied him with his unique lion-skin and club. His many adventures earned him a reputation for bravery and strength, and Hercules was barely the hero, after deification, to be authorized to live on Mount Olympus. In classical Greece, Hercules was the Panhellenic hero who was worshiped throughout the country. The myths of Hercules depicted him as embodying the Greek values and spirit in opposition to the foreign enemies (Blanshard).

Strength and Power

It is pertinent to note that Hercules was known best as a strongest of all the mortals and stronger than even other many gods. He was indeed, the deciding factor during the Olympians triumphant victory over the Giants. Literature and art since 15th Century narrate the story on how King Busiris of Egypt dispatched foreign visitors regularly by sacrificing them on the altars. He attempted to also sacrifice Hercules in his altars but Hercules burst from his own bonds, murdered the priests of Egypt after which he turned King Busiris to be his sacrificial victim. Busiris, on the vase, seemed coward on the altars’ other side as Hercules was about to shatter him using one of his men's body whom he was holding by his ankles (Blanshard). Hercules was not only might, but also uncontrollable. It is recorded in some narratives that at one time, he was driven by madness and murdered his children and wife. Offsetting the strength he possessed was his lack of wisdom or intelligence. It is narrated that when his temperature rose he could pull out his bow and threatens to shoot the sun.

Work Cited

Blanshard, Alastair. Hercules: A Heroic Life. London: Granta, 2005. Print.

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