Essays on Democracy

If you were assigned with writing a democracy essay, know that you will need to work extra hard to make sure that your essay stands out, as democracy is a very common topic on government. Translated from Greek as "rule of the people", democracy is the most popular form of government in the world. Most democracy essays don't fail to explain that democracy is distinguished by the participation of citizens in government, their equality before the law, and the provision of political rights and freedoms to the individual. It is a good idea to include statistics or historical facts in your essays on democracy. Democracy creates the best conditions for the manifestation of the initiative, without which effective production is impossible. Peruse democracy essay samples we prepared – some pointers mention in them may enrich your essays.

Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism

Sheldon S. Wolin wrote Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism. In this assessment, I focus on the 2008 version, which covers the majority of the political, social, and economic issues that occurred prior to the publishing date. The book begins with a critical presentation and critique...

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Great Britain and France democracies

The United Kingdom and France are among the countries with the oldest democracies in Europe and the world. Political advancements and revolutions in the two countries have occurred at various times. These distinctions have substantially aided their revolutions and rises in social and economic standing. The focus of this study...

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impact that class, race, and capitalism has on civil rights

Many scholars have attempted to explain the impact that class, racism, and capitalism have on civil rights, particularly democracy. In this regard, Marx, King, and Mill are among the noteworthy individuals who have made significant contributions to the cause. There has been concern in the United States, as in many...

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New Weapons for Old Problems

This article by Christopher Parker explains how conventional weapons proliferate and how effective their use is militarily in various regimes. Accessing and distributing ammo is a crucial step in Parker's eyes. This is related to the fact that democracy and globalization have made it possible for power to be divided...

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Plato’s Apology

According to Socrates' explanation in his apologies, a daimon is a decent person and an inner intuition of doing good, whereas a divine item is a holy substance or sensation. We can see from Socrates' trial how his arguments might be consistent with his convictions. In-depth discussion of Socrates' ideas,...

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Free Speech: Canada vs. United States

Free speech is a crucial value that is inscribed in the constitutions of the majority of democracies across the world. However, different countries have varied definitions of what constitutes free speech, which is why different Supreme Courts will examine cases differently and reach different conclusions. Free speech has restrictions, much...

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Alexis De Tocqueville's "Equality of Condition" as a "Fundamental Fact" of American Society

French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville is one of the most well-known political philosophers on equality and democracy, and he is undoubtedly the one who has been referenced the most in several works of literature. According to Tocqueville, democracy is a providential system based on the ideas of equality of situations...

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Ethnicity and Democracy

Democracy, according to Schmitter and Karl (1991), is a form of government where individuals indirectly hold their representatives responsible for their acts in the public sphere through the representatives' competitive collaboration. Democracy is, to put it simply, the practice of governing by, with, and for the people. A democratic system is...

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The Texas Legal System

The district attorney, county attorney, sheriff, and judges all have to be chosen by the general public to their respective offices in Texas' apparently democratic legal system. Despite its recent decline in popularity in other states outside of the south, Texas has maintained its partisan election system, whose roots can...

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It seems paradoxical that the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which is currently seen as a prosperous nation, is included as one of the world's failing states. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a long and unbelievable history of political bloodshed, and it is currently in the process...

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Democracy in contemporary world

Democracy is a form of administration where citizens in a country are represented by elected officials. Control or rule by a majority through representation is what it entails. However, as the concepts of democracy face many obstacles, they have been the focus of discussion and conflict. This idea is also...

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About Direct Democracy

Three branches of government make up California's democratic system. These include the governor and other elected officials who make up the executive branch. The legislature, which has a two-house system, is the next branch. The Assembly is the first chamber, and the Senate is the second. The upper house of...

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