Essays on Democracy

If you were assigned with writing a democracy essay, know that you will need to work extra hard to make sure that your essay stands out, as democracy is a very common topic on government. Translated from Greek as "rule of the people", democracy is the most popular form of government in the world. Most democracy essays don't fail to explain that democracy is distinguished by the participation of citizens in government, their equality before the law, and the provision of political rights and freedoms to the individual. It is a good idea to include statistics or historical facts in your essays on democracy. Democracy creates the best conditions for the manifestation of the initiative, without which effective production is impossible. Peruse democracy essay samples we prepared – some pointers mention in them may enrich your essays.

Theory of Democratic Peace

This logic asserts that the citizens have the power to prevent the cost of war should they reckon it to be too high through the electoral influence over their sovereignty (Rosato 2003, p.587). Democracies have also established systems of “checks and balances” such as political competition, pluralism and executive selection...

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The United Kingdom and European Union

On 23rd June 2016, 30 million United Kingdom citizen from England, Wales and Scotland voted on a referendum to decide whether the United Kingdom should exit the European Union (EU) in a vote known as Brexit. The EU is a political and political organization was formed after world war two...

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The Threat of Populism to Democracy

Populism is usually invoked in the press to illustrate new political developments, mostly with a negative connotation. However, some researchers see populism more positively. For instance, they believe that it is a form of direct democracy. However, others state that it is an indication of critical social predicaments which should...

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Democracy in the United States

In the United States, democracy is described as a structure of political leadership whereby all policies and resolutions are made based on the principle of majority rule. The citizens elect their political representatives in regular, free and fair elections. A principle of political fairness, freedom, and equality, where all the...

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The Role of Education in the Advancement of Democracy

A country that has adopted full democracy, such as the U.S., allows the public to participate in the decision-making process of the government. This inclusion of as many people as possible ensures that the public has faith and confidence in the government and that the principle of check and balances...

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The Best System of Governance for Low-Income Countries

Economic growth or development has been a major focus of policymakers of all countries in the world. However, for a number of reasons, some countries have made tremendous economic growth while others still lag behind in regards to economic development. The others are those under middle-income and low-income bracket. Therefore,...

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Capitalism and Democracy

There is indeed a noticeable difference between capitalist development and democracy especially when viewed from the perspective of two different countries practicing either of the above. Ideally, capitalist development entails an economic system that revolves around private ownership and freedom in markets, capitalism can also be compared to a great...

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The Role of Parliaments in a Democracy

Today parliaments play a key role in addressing issues of democracy. Nevertheless, governments being the central institution of democracy and the embodiment of the people's will are becoming more influential. Governments mainly depict the people's expectations in that particular democracy. They respond to the needs of the people and help...

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Civic Responsibility and Voting

Civic responsibility refers to the duty of a citizen. It comprises of actions that are geared towards social participation and governance within a society. Depending on constitutional and social policies in a community, civic responsibility may entail responsibilities in government, churches, and voluntary groups (Dalton and Welzel 5). Furthermore, advocacy...

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The Role of Sovereign States and Multinational Corporations in Democratization

The ideal outcome for democratization is to ensure that the citizens have a voice in the political process and a right to vote. In the 21 century, democratization has faced constant attack from authoritarian sectors ranging from Vladimir Putin to a couple of leaders from Venezuela. In the recent past,...

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Comparison of Parliamentary and Presidential Systems

There is a need to analyse whether Parliamentary System is more Democratic than a Presidential System. Besides, deciding whether a parliamentary system is more democratic than a presidential system raises a lot of controversies. Democracy typically involves a system of governance whereby the citizens exercise power directly or choose individuals...

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Comparative Analysis of Party Dominance in Japan, Mexico and China

The Concept of Political Party Dominance and Democracy The concept of competitive political parties is often considered an essential factor in the pursuit of democracy. As such, in many aspects, single-party dominance showcase authoritarian governance since it ignores elements of democracy. Japan and Mexico are interesting nations for political analysts in...

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