Essays on Voter Turnout

Political Parties and Voter Turnout

Political Parties and Voter Registration Political parties tend to focus on the highly educated, affluent, and employment individuals while abandoning the other category of citizens. For instance, only 62% and 68% of individuals with annual incomes less than $ 2500 and $20,000- $39,999 respectively are registered voters while 87% of people...

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Voter Turnout in the US

1. Cancela, Joao, and Benny Geys. Explaining voter turnout: A meta-analysis of national and subnational elections. Electoral Studies 42 (2016): 264-275. In this book, Cancela and Benny analyzes how the use of capital influences voter turnout in elections. They postulate that the more money used for campaigns, the more...

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Factors That Affect Voter Turnout

Historically, voter turnout has been an important indicator of the health of a country s democracy. But it can also be a difficult measurement to understand, since many factors may affect it. Demographics A number of demographic characteristics may influence the rate of voter turnout, including age, race, and gender. In addition, the...

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