Voter Turnout in the US

1. Cancela, Joao, and Benny Geys. Explaining voter turnout: A meta-analysis of national and subnational elections. Electoral Studies 42 (2016): 264-275. In this book, Cancela and Benny analyzes how the use of capital influences voter turnout in elections. They postulate that the more money used for campaigns, the more...

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The Participation of Americans in the Democratic Processes

Since the 1980s, the US voter turnout has been on a constant decline after every election. The average voter turnout during this period has ranged from 48% to 57%, a trend that significantly threatened democracy. Democracy postulates that majority in any political setup should always rule, however in a situation...

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NLRB Election and Voluntary Recognition

The election and voluntary recognition performed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) differ significantly. The distinction is that the NLRB certifies a workers union chosen through an election while not doing so with one that was created as a result of voluntary registration. (Craig 62). Employment terms are mandatory topics...

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Appalachia’s Timeline

The primary event in the Appalachia timeline shown in the table below is the Civil War. It lists important local occurrences along with the dates on which they took place. Number Date Important Civil War Event Lincoln is elected president of the United States on November 6, 1860. The Upper South secedes on January...

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Ways to Prevent High-Tech Job Migration

It has been more than a decade since American presidential candidate Ross Perot mentioned a "huge sucking sound" to America. According to him, offshore outsourcing of American jobs is a problem that must be addressed. Currently, there is a lot more sucking sound, especially in high-tech jobs. The movement of...

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Proposition 103 in California

California voters approved Proposition 103 in 1988. It was about "prior permission" of policyholders from California's Department of Insurance before any insurance company could implement property, car, casualty, and business insurance rates. Most consumers were concerned about the huge increase in vehicle insurance throughout the 1980s, and campaigners argued that...

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Forcier in Venezuela

Venezuela's situation might be described as a humanitarian crisis because so much has happened during the election period in 2016. Poverty has increased, the economy has depreciated, and the political crisis has worsened. With this in mind, this country ranks as one of the worst in South America (Fraser& Barbara,...

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The Candidate

Popular 1972 movie The Candidate is centered on American politics. It concerns the different factors that affect elections for governmental positions and have an impact on campaigns. Senator Crocker Jarmon, the incumbent, is a well-known and popular figure. He is opposed by Bill McKay, the contender, a dynamic and idealistic...

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‘CNN 2016 Election Night Coverage’

CNN 2016 Election Night Coverage was CNN's coverage of the 2016 US general elections, which included the presidential election. With the assistance of other CNN correspondent journalists based in several American states, including Georgia, Carolina, Kentucky, and other states, the program was anchored by Van Jones, a well-known CNN journalist...

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Comparing and Contrasting Election Fraud in Japan and China

Elections are held by nations to select leaders who will speak for them in addressing their needs and promoting growth and development. Everyone wants an election that is fair and free, but this does not always occur. Many nations throughout the world have been affected by election fraud. This is...

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The Political System

The Bundestag, the lower house of parliament, is chosen through a complicated electoral process in Germany. The voting process combines the advantages of both proportional and direct representation while also guarding against historical election errors in Germany that resulted in political splintering during the Weimer Republic between World Wars I...

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Jim Kennedy

Jim Kennedy won the general election in Philadelphia in 2015, which generated conflicting reactions. He had pledged to control the city's taxation in order to affect economic growth. In the debate, Kennedy is referred to as a genuine person who was successful in becoming the new mayor of Philadelphia after...

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