Bandwagon Effect through Opinion Polls in Elections

The Bandwagon Effect and its Application The bandwagon effect is a phenomenon where individuals will likely follow the opinions and suggestion of other people without having to make their own decision (Rothschild, and Neil). The aspect has been applied in politics since the 19th century where people will likely vote for...

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The Electoral College and Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering is a difficult problem to solve for the following reasons. First, any solutions that potentially exist are rather subjective. For example, when the cases are taken to courts, they turn the courts political. The...

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Civic Responsibility and Voting

Civic responsibility refers to the duty of a citizen. It comprises of actions that are geared towards social participation and governance within a society. Depending on constitutional and social policies in a community, civic responsibility may entail responsibilities in government, churches, and voluntary groups (Dalton and Welzel 5). Furthermore, advocacy...

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Meaning of Decline in Voter Turnout in Britain

In Britain, the interest in democracy is gauged using political participation. Indeed political participation in Britain is determined the level of citizenry participation every election cycle. Even though there are many ways in which democracy is expressed, political participation remains one key yardstick in the process. Elections, being one way...

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Disengagement of Young People from Civic and Political Processes

The disinterest of many people from, civics, politics and other democratic processes has raised a lot of concern among policymakers, politicians, and even scholars (Stolle " Hooghe, 2004). Young people have especially been the focus of this concern; there is a feeling among many politicians and policymakers that young people...

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The Restriction of Voting for Those with a College Education

The restriction of voting for those with a college education is a denial of human rights. Democracy states that each citizen of a country has the right to vote once they are of age. Popularly, eighteen years mark the transition to adulthood for most countries and hence, anyone who attains...

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The Importance of Voting

Voting and Democracy Voting is an essential exercise towards the democracy of a nation. It is only through voting that we can manage to bring change to the government and ensure the citizens get quality. Voting can either lead to long-term suffering on citizens when the wrong leaders ascend to power...

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White Voters and the Democratic Party

The rate of the white ethnic group dropping from the ideologies of the Democrat party has increased over the years. The slow change of the supporters had been attributed to Democrats losses of the south due to their backing of Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Act of...

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Comparative Analysis of Proportional and First-Past-The-Post Electoral Systems

The Soundness of Democracy and the Role of Elections The primary metrics for the soundness of democracy in the modern day societies include the ability to host free, fair, and open elections whereby the citizens cast secret votes to choose their preferred leaders to achieve consented leadership through the electoral process....

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The Issue of Compulsory Voting

Analysis of Whether or Not Mandatory Voting Should be Encouraged Referring to the definition of democracy as per the concepts of active citizenship and equality, this paper gives an analysis of whether or not mandatory voting should be encouraged. A liberty argument suggests that compulsory voting is first of all not...

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Voter Turnout in the US

1. Cancela, Joao, and Benny Geys. Explaining voter turnout: A meta-analysis of national and subnational elections. Electoral Studies 42 (2016): 264-275. In this book, Cancela and Benny analyzes how the use of capital influences voter turnout in elections. They postulate that the more money used for campaigns, the more...

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The Participation of Americans in the Democratic Processes

Since the 1980s, the US voter turnout has been on a constant decline after every election. The average voter turnout during this period has ranged from 48% to 57%, a trend that significantly threatened democracy. Democracy postulates that majority in any political setup should always rule, however in a situation...

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