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Evolution of Medicare and its Impacts

Medicare is a historic social program that today covers 49.4 million Americans. Healthcare insurance dates back to President Teddy Roosevelt's administration in 1912. During his presidency, the then-President rolled out a national health plan, but it never saw the light of day until it was pushed by President Harry S....

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The monetary and fiscal policies

Monetary and fiscal policy are powerful tools that can be utilized to affect the economy. As President, I have the ability to positively influence the economy by encouraging the monetary authorities to make reforms for the betterment and development of the economy. In my perspective, I would lower interest rates...

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Tax overhaul by President Trump and Republican lawmakers

Richard and Kate publish this essay to outline Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's efforts to produce a tax rewrite supported by both President Trump and Republican lawmakers. It gets even more interesting because Mr. Mnuchin is in charge of fiscal policy despite having less political experience than his former Treasury predecessors....

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Presidential election and leadership behavior

President Barack Obama delivered one of the most powerful addresses during the 2008 presidential race. This speech made me feel strong and had a favorable impact on my emotional condition. Following his election as the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama delivered a victory speech that gave...

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An Ethical Dilemma case

The first instance made it clear that the professor seat left vacant by Art's retirement will be filled by someone with at least an MBA in accounting. Evan Comstock's efforts to promote an unqualified candidate, David, to the post were unethical. Evan lacked the minimum qualification for the post, regardless...

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The United States

The United States has various manufacturing industries that produce a variety of commodities. One of these companies is Procter & Gamble (P&G), which manufactures household consumption goods. P&G's headquarters are in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, and it was formed in 1837 by James Gamble and William Procter. The company...

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Foreign Policy of Donald Trump

There has been substantial discussion about President Donald Trump's foreign policy efforts. He has worked to ensure that the government shifts away from unilateral measures and traditional friends and toward adversaries. The purpose is to withdraw America's commitment to accords such as NATO and military treaties signed between the US...

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The Butler

According to Gaines Cecil's eyes and information, he was glad to have worked at the White House but frightened of being a part of the political developments at the time. In his whole career, even in his old age, he is never quoted saying anything negative about his former bosses/presidents....

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Why US Presidents Were Adamant about Protecting the Spoils System

Following Senator William L. Marcy's contentious declaration in 1829, "to the winners belong the spoils," the spoils system was founded. It was a new system in which political appointments dictated who would hold civil and government positions. While the contentious spoils system was considered to be a means of encouraging...

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advertisement - The Daisy Girl

This advertising was intentionally shown on American television to provide President Lyndon Johnson political mileage against Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential election. The advertisement opens with an innocent girl counting petals from a daisy floral component. As the video zooms in on the girl's eye, a gruff voice begins...

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An International Research Paper

The people's Republic of China has a number of shoe manufacturing enterprises whose products are sold all over the world. China is seen as a unitary and sovereign state in eastern Asia (Chen & Feng, 2000). The country features an unusual form of government, with the president serving only as...

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Donald Trump’s presidential win

Donald Trump's presidential victory surprised many Americans and others around the world because most people did not anticipate him to win because of his controversial economic and foreign policies. Most people feel that the Trump Administration will harm the US economy and its relations with foreign countries, while some believe...

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