President Trump's Proposal for SNAP

1. What is SNAP?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is an essential federal nutritional program adopted by the USA to help eligible low-income earners to stretch their budget and purchase healthy food.

2. What is Presidents Trump's New Proposal for SNAP?

The new proposal suggests that instead of at least $90 a month, 80 percent of SNAP beneficiaries to receive a USDA Food package on a monthly basis. The food package would contain ready to eat cereals, Shelf-stable milk, pasta, bananas, peanut butter and canned vegetables and fruit meaning a reduction in the amount of money given to low-income families while decreasing trimming the number of beneficiaries by increasing eligibility. 

3. How Many Recipients Would SNAP Affect?

Due to the stricter requirements and new restrictions on eligibility President Trump new proposal wants to trim about 4million people who receive the SNAP Food Stamps.  

4. How Much Money Would the Proposal Save?

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities USDA would be able to deliver this food at lower cost than SNAP thus reducing the overall cost of the program by $129 billion over the next one decade which is a 30 percent reduction by shifting some cost to states and limiting eligibility and targeting.

5. Thoughts on Presidents Trump's Snap proposal?

President Trump's proposal aims at cutting the cost of SNAP halfway which means that his administration would save the state a lot of money. However, this program would only affect the low-income Americans who are currently benefitting from this program. Furthermore, food retailers would lose a lot of money as their jobs would be taken by the government resulting in unemployment.

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