Essays on Corporations

How to Detect Media Bias and Propaganda

In terms of public content, a sizable portion of the media has taken a political stance. For example, the New York Times has admitted that a large percentage of its opinion pages are liberal in nature, at the detriment of the conservative voice. Fox News, for its part, is widely…

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The most interesting idea in the paper is the irony of Apple products

The most intriguing concept in the article is the hypocrisy of Apple goods being presented as making life simpler and more comfortable for consumers while complicating the lives of those who produce them. The author mentions the extreme labor atrocities suffered by Foxconn workers, the bulk of which are unlawful…

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Hotels of J.W. Marriott

JW Marriott Hotel is a multinational corporation headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Washington DC, which hosts a wide group of hospitals. J. Willard Marriott founded it in 1927, when in Washington, D.C. he opened a root beer. Later it was enlarged to a chain of restaurants and hotels. The first hotel…

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Microsoft Corporation

As an information technologist professional, I am writing to express my interest in your business. I felt the need to reach your significant, philanthropic and founded firm following your recent news article in the New York Times. Your company demand for a cost-effective cloud service has increased the issue with…

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United Healthcare Group, Service delivery Process

The United Healthcare Corporation, headquartered in the United States of America, is an insurance firm whose industry focuses on helping individuals lead healthy lives through the offering of diverse health insurance coverage to its clients. The United Healthcare Group fulfills its mission across two domains, UnitedHealthcare and OPTUM. UnitedHealthcare is…

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Supervalu retail and wholesale grocery store

Supervalu bulk and chain food stores are one of the largest firms in the United States of America. It is expected to service more than a million consumers in the US. The corporation is based in Minnesota. It has over 5000 stores made up of local, certified and conventional grocery…

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management of personal finance

On the basis of personal financial control, I am grateful, to say the least, that the 13.3-inch Apple MacBook Air typing this assignment is a testament to the power of saving. When I open my closet, it motivates me to practice hard and to buy more of the new collections….

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1104 Wood Road 15 Cornwall Ave Phone: 0400 000 000 CAREER OBJECTIVE: To serve in a company that is quite unique and effectual which provides for me the opportunity to make use of the skills I have developed, thereby, contributing to what the company stands for and what it…

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Reader Analysis

Perl Communications, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is a global technology company. Computer software development, hardware manufacturing, and installation are the three main departments. The company’s customer base is estimated to be 50.000 people. On its website, technical communication studies receive an annual 15.000 monthly visitors. The Organization has separated all…

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“Stranger Things”

The TV Show “Stranger Things”: A Look at the Production Techniques The Duffer brothers produced and directed “Stranger Things,” a successful Netflix television series. The television series is set in the 1980s and follows a group of elementary and high school students. The children discovered Upside Down, a gateway to…

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Slavery in chocolate industry

We are living in a pessimistic age. People are no longer shocked when they hear that a well-known organization, such as Walmart or Monsanto, has committed a heinous crime and then made matters worse by concealing the implications of its acts from the general public. But, even in a world…

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Evaluating if a company is faithful to its common beliefs

A mutual value in an organization refers to the characteristics that are shared by all members of the organization that have an impact on its ethos, operations, and policies. All business members are required to adhere to the common principles and doing so allows an organization to foster trust in…

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