Essays on Corporations

GM Motors: Market Failure Analysis

The strength of any company lies in how well it can produce and deliver very unique and specific commodities that no one else in the market. GM Operates in the highly competitive market and the absence of focus makes it quite vulnerable. The management has become distracted and scattered trying...

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The Importance of Globalization in IEC Electronics

IEC Electronics is an American company in New York established in 1966 and deals with electronic components. IEC Electronics manufactures electronic components such as circuit boards, electrical cables, and wires for different industries including the military, healthcare, transport industry among others. Additional activities done by the company are such as...

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Organizational Culture and Mergers and Acquisitions

Organization cultural element is a critical issue in mergers and acquisitions. Over the years, mergers and acquisitions have become a global spectacle and a popular strategic choice for the growth and expansion of companies. Organizational culture emphases on the manner in which corporate partakers’ experience and make sense of organizations....

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The Scope, Purpose and Functions of Human Resource Management

Human resource management is crucial to the success of contemporary organizations. It has increasingly become a critical competitive strategy for companies as the field rapidly evolves. Contemporary organizations are investing on people because they are vital in gaining a competitive edge especially in a market where the consumers are becoming...

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Under Armour Company

Under Armour is an American organization that produces footwear, sports, and easygoing clothing. It is the leading designer, advertiser, and merchant of marked execution clothing, footwear, and adornments. Under Armour's headquarters are situated in Baltimore, Maryland. The vision proclamation of Under Armor is to enable competitors all over. The statement...

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Internet Marketing Career

Internet marketing is the choice of career that I have developed an interest in over time. As such, I want to be an internet marketer who reaches clients in the online platforms. The work would entail using the internet and accessing sites that I can use to showcase the products...

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Human Resource Terminologies

This questionnaire response addresses the following. How has HR as a course opened my eyes from a personal perspective? How will I utilize human resource terminologies and techniques both at a personal level and workplace? Finally, three HR topics are listed. How HR Has Opened My Eyes From the personal perspective, this...

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The Garment Industry and Responsible Business Practices

The garment industry is a key driver of a country’s economy and development, employing millions of people and accounting for national export earnings. At the same time, a series of fatal factory incidents has highlighted the sector’s deplorable working conditions and has exposed international retailers and fashion brands for exploiting...

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A Comparison of Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Marketing refers to the activities of a firm related to buying and selling of products or services (Wilson and Nial 81). It involves advertising, buying, selling, and delivering of goods to people. Marketing determines the success or failure of a business whereby good marketing strategies lead to the prosperity while...

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The TripAdvisor Star Rating System

In respect to classification, stars are mostly used to classify products and services, e.g. hotels and restaurants regarding quality and quantity or a combination of both (Gavilan, Avello, " Martinez-Navarro, 2018, p. 54). Ratings get assigned once a service or product gets assessed and its value correctly determined (Phillips, et...

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The Role of Ethics in Business Communication

Business ethics is a subject that varies greatly from one business to another regarding how it is interpreted and executed by businesses. In some cases, what seems ethical in a given business may not be the case in another and this also extends to the employees. Each business should understand...

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Analysis of Business and Project Management Environment in Delhi

After a comprehensive research on the business and project management environment in Delhi, the group analyzed some of the environmental factors affecting the business and project management. The group also did an evaluation of the very suitable times to hold business meetings in Delhi and assembled the report below. From a...

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