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The Impact of Carbon Offsetting on Aviation Industry

The first project on carbon offsetting took place in 1989. The project was undertaken by Applied Energy Services where commitment to plant 50 million trees were made in Guatemala. In exchange, consent to construct a power station fired by coal would be granted (Smith, 2007, p. 14). Nonetheless, it took...

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Flight Discipline

Tony Kern's book Flight Discipline (1998) Tony Kern's book Flight Discipline (1998) is a comprehensive kit for any aviator be it recreational, military or commercial who needs to develop the required discipline for safe and effective aviation. The book presents an analysis of the causes of poor flight discipline and supports...

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Love in Saga #1

Comic books and the theme of love Comic books are entertaining to read. Icons are used to reflect specific concepts, topics, and ideologies. The comic book Saga Volume 1 depicts a mother and father's attempt to defend their child from two warring extraterrestrial races. One of the main themes in the...

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Flight recording devices

Flight logging systems were created in order to identify the causes of air accidents, which are nearly invariably fatal. David Warren, an inventor with the Aeronautic Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia, invented the flight recording systems that are still in use today in the 1960s. Flight recording instruments are usually...

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Air Transportation Cargo

Aerospace is a term for people's continued effort in engineering and science to fly in the atmosphere successfully. This industry and business deal with inventing, operating, building, and maintaining aircraft and dealing with cargo transfer ventures. In a broader context, aerospace projects tend to promote different aerospace services in the...

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Airplane flight as a form of transportation

The Early Advancement of Aviation The earliest powered flight was produced the year before the start of World War I. Yet, during construction time, aviation s advancement happened at a slow pace, enhancing the speed becoming apparent throughout the war. The time between the two world wars saw numerous advances in...

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