Essays on Guerrilla Warfare

The Guerrilla Girls feminist activists

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of feminist activists and dissident artists who dress as gorillas in public and use humor, information, and stunning graphics to expose sexual orientation, ethnic preference, and debasing behavior in media, politics, and the arts. They addressed concerns of racial and gender prejudice in the…

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colombia’s revolutionary armed forces

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are the strongest and oldest faction of Colombian rebels. It has been dubbed the world’s richest guerilla army. In 1964, Jacob Arenas and Manuel Marulanda, both members of Colombia’s communist party, formed the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. This was in the aftermath…

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The burning of Cross burning was a Scottish tradition first adopted by Guerrilla groups such as Ku Klux Khan

Cross burning was a Scottish practice that was first embraced by guerrilla groups like Ku Klux Khan. It was supposed to frighten or intimidate the new freed slaves. This was also a way to assert the group’s dominance. The tradition was commended in a 1915 film about the birth of…

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