Essays on Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Israel – Jordanian relations

Israel, formally known as the State of Israel on a global scale, is a sovereign state in the Middle East, southeast of the larger Mediterranean Sea. In addition to Jordan on the east, this province shares borders with Lebanon to the north and Syria to the northeast. Additionally, it has...

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Israel a Terrorist

Due to ongoing conflicts in the area, Israel has experienced terrorism threats from both within its own boundaries as well as from its neighbors. Iran and Palestine are among the antagonistic countries. The most prominent hostile country is Palestine, which has been attacking Israel with terrorism since 1948. The most popular...

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Reproductive health rights contribute to ensuring that people have access to sex that is both secure and fulfilling as well as the freedom and ability to procreate as they see fit. According to the World Health Organization, reproductive health rights also give women access to high-quality medical care that can...

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Israeli Settlements Explained

Settlements are illegal Jewish-only communities created by Israel for its citizens after it occupied the land following the 1967 Six-Day War. The international world regards the settlement as illegitimate because the use of an occupying military power violates international humanitarian law. It is regarded as a barrier to a peace...

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Definition of Orientalism

Orientalism: Edward Said did a great job of influencing how the West views the Orient. The book, which examined postcolonial debates about the middle east, was released in 1995. Known for his fervent support of the Palestinian cause, novelist Edward Said was born in Jerusalem in 1935. The majority of...

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a longstanding, complex and deeply divisive issue in the Middle East. The main dispute is over the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. The two sides claim to have historic rights to these territories, although the international community has largely rejected this.Claims and Violations Israel...

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How United States Culture is affected by or intersects with Israel/Palestine

People have utilized artistic creations to entertain themselves, to express their ideas, and to convey stories about their past throughout the history of the world. Additionally, political purposes have been served via the use of artistic creations like paintings, literature, and photographs. They are thus instruments for telling tales of...

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