Essays on Orientalism

Definition of Orientalism

Orientalism: Edward Said did a great job of influencing how the West views the Orient. The book, which examined postcolonial debates about the middle east, was released in 1995. Known for his fervent support of the Palestinian cause, novelist Edward Said was born in Jerusalem in 1935. The majority of...

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Orientalism in Architecture and Art

Orientalism is an art and architectural movement that explores the Orient through the lens of its history. The movement has become a prominent force in contemporary art and architecture. Said's work has been criticized by both its supporters and detractors. Some scholars question the validity of Said's thesis and argue...

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The Concept of Orientalism

Orientalism is the negative inversion of Western culture. The concept of the Orient, he wrote, gave colonizers power and legitimacy. It's also a battleground. Yet, it's humanistic as well. In this article, I'll explore the issues surrounding Orientalism and the way it affects Western society today. Orientalism is a negative inversion...

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