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Before you write your imperialism essay, make sure to look through our imperialism essay samples – we prepared ones that can really benefit your essay. The term "imperialism" was first used in the 1830s to characterize the policy of Napoleon III. Later, with the colonial expansion of European countries, this term began to be used as a synonym for colonialism. Traditionally, imperialism has been seen as a powerful driving force of the economy. Politicians were aware of the potential benefits of imperialism for maintaining social stability. The educated part of society was interested in expanding the influence of its own national culture – many essays on imperialism highlight this fact. The period from 1875 to 1914 can be called the "era of imperialism". Take a peek at our samples of imperialism essays below for extra info.

Edward Said and Orientalism

Edward Said analyzes the Orient and its underlying philosophy in his book Orientalism. In an effort to comprehend their origins and the factors that led to their dominance, the author analyzes the political, cultural, and historical perspectives of the East as perceived by the West. According to Said (1979), prevailing...

Words: 850

Pages: 4

Foreign Dominance and China in the 1800

During the 19th century, China was under intense domestic pressure in addition to Western imperialist pressure. Strong military support was provided for this demand, which the Chinese society was unable to equal. China's place in the world and its perception of itself were consequently reversed within a century, going from...

Words: 897

Pages: 4

Imperialism in Africa

The act of a country that is more powerful than another seizing it and attempting to increase its territory is known as "imperialism." Because European nations were more strong than the countries they conquered and expanded their territories, European imperialism developed. Africa experienced European imperialist animosity, political pressure, military forces...

Words: 2130

Pages: 8

American Imperialism in the 20th Century: A History

Perhaps one of the most divisive topics in world history is imperialism. American Exceptionalism, the belief that the United States was unique from other countries because it was established on freedom and democracy, was the theoretical foundation for American imperialism. Giddings (1990) argued that in order for civilization to advance,...

Words: 949

Pages: 4


In the intellectual lexicon of East Asia, which was only developed after World War II, modernity is a comparatively new concept. Together with Western imperialism, which was primarily defined by military aggression, the idea of modernity was introduced to the East Asian area. For East Asia, modernity meant embracing the...

Words: 2868

Pages: 11

Russian Revolution and Leninism

Lenin's theory of imperialism combines Marxist theory with a dialectical critique of classical imperialism theories. The idea reflects on the evolution of capitalism and its spread from richer to poorer countries in the nineteenth century. The model investigates and builds the value chains of emerging civilizations, providing a Marxist perspective...

Words: 2348

Pages: 9

Imperialism and Psychological Impacts

Since the beginning of time, the term "imperialism" has been employed in a variety of settings. Unfortunately, these situations have typically been passionate and unpleasant. Such perception can be due to the fact that imperialism, in its broadest sense, entails one superior society submitting to another culture in order to...

Words: 886

Pages: 4

Globalization is not the Same as Cultural Imperialism

Some people claim that globalization and cultural hegemony are not the same things. The belief is founded on Marxist theories of globalization. Karl Marx believed that globalization was the philosophy of victorious capitalism. According to Marx, globalization and neoliberalism are inextricably linked, as opposed to cultural hegemony, since the two...

Words: 857

Pages: 4

Cultural Imperialism

Cultural hegemony is a widespread ideology that has swept through a variety of countries around the world (Mirrlees 16). Countries with influential and affluent cultures are seen as a model for copying and imposing their cultures on less economically rich cultures around the globe. In most cases, Western nations have...

Words: 485

Pages: 2

Capitalism and the drive to increase wealth Ruining the US

In the last century, the imperialist tendencies of American society were lauded for their promotion of hard labor and economic growth. The social and economic model is designed to ensure that more benefits are paid to those who work well than to those who work less hard. Capitalism, however, has...

Words: 1933

Pages: 8

The Lure of the Body Image and Canadians: What Do They Want? A rhetorical comparison

For years, Hollywood has shifted the perfect male body model from Errol Flynn to Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to McClelland's essay titled "The Lure of the Body Image," the North American media has changed their opinions on male beauty, which has resulted in the widespread "beefcake-like" looks. The author identifies the...

Words: 1153

Pages: 5

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