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The Black Death and its effects

Although people are struggling to find treatment for diseases like AIDS and cancer, the modern era is healthier compared to hundred years ago.  Human beings have come close to extinction through sicknesses like smallpox, Cholera, and Typhus. However, humanity has managed to withstand their effects and survive. A review of...

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Impacts of Black Death on Arts in Europe in the Fourteenth Century

The impact of the Black Death on the arts in Fourteenth-Century Europe The historical period of the 1330s to 1340s experienced the greatest disaster in history. Europe was stricken by the deadly catastrophic plague that terminated the more than half the people in cities such as Venice.  The bubonic wave of...

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The Black Death

People in the Middle Ages held that illness was brought on by sin or God's displeasure, so they thought that the Black Death was brought on by his wrath. People responded to the issue by turning to God for prevention because they believed that since God caused the disease, He...

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The Black Death and How it Changed Europe

The Black Death and its Devastating Impact The Black Death was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, and it changed the course of European civilization forever. From 1346 to 1353, the plague killed an estimated 50 million people in Europe and the Mediterranean region, a devastating loss of life...

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Black Death in Europe

One of the most negative occurrences in human history was the Black Death pandemic. Between 1347 and 1350, it comprised a number of social, economic, and religious changes that had a tremendous impact on Europe. The annihilation of populations, which led to the deaths of between 30% and 60% of...

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