Essays on World History

The Effects of the Crusades

The Crusades refer to several religions wars between the Muslims and the Christians with the main agenda of controlling the holy sites. There were eight major crusades which happened between the 11th and the 13th century characterized by violent and bloody combats (Wise, 1978). The events created obstacles that can...

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The Spanish Cuisine

Different cultures' impact on Spanish cuisine Different cultures found their way on the Iberian Peninsula and here they impacted so much on the Spanish culture. Some of the aspects of culture that were affected include the language, food, music, art, and architecture. The outcome especially when it comes to food was...

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Microhistory and Macro History: Carlo Ginzburg's The Cheese and The Worms

“The Cheese and the Worms” is an exciting and enjoyable book to read for historical researchers looking into the past social and political life of peasants relating to inquisition goals. It explains a popular culture through one man’s eyes, a miller who was taken faces trial during questioning (Ginzburg 42)....

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Reasons Why The US Could Not Defeat The Vietcong

The US involvement in Vietnam was spearheaded by a number of reasons, one of which is to avoid the spread of communism. The War began in 1955 stretching until 1975 when the US finally acknowledged failure. Despite the size and military might of the US, she was not able to...

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Impact of European Imperialism on Africa and Asia

Imperialism refers to the action of a nation to extend its power and dominion by direct acquisition of occupied (inhabited) territory, or by gaining economic or political control of other areas through the use of power. Imperialism may also involve the exploitation of such territories in a way similar to...

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The Impacts of the World War II on Americans

During World War II, there was war between Japanese verses Americans-Filipinos (1942-1945). The Japanese launched a crippling surprise attack on US-Filipino forces with a fleet of high flying aircrafts out of range of the US-Filipino forces. Bataan Death March explains the atrocities committed by Japanese to the US-Filipino soldiers after...

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The Role of Institutions in Russia

Russia's Political History Russia has long garnered the attention of international political observers. For more than seven decades Russia was the core of the globe's communist regime with the international Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans, USSR which often contested the USA for global supremacy. After the fall of USSR in 1991,...

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Alexander the Conqueror and his Conquests

Alexander the Great, one of the most important military figures of all time was the Macedonian King and the conqueror of the Persian Empire. Alexander was a leader who employed various innovative military strategies to conquer new territories to expand his empire. His quest to enlarge his empire made profound...

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Comparison of France and Spain

There many countries that shared many features in the world and they border each other. These features include geographical location, ethnicity, language and even same colony. In my research, I choose to examine about the Spain and France. These two countries have many features in common ranging from geographical location,...

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Why Wilson Matters

It is the study by Tony Smith Why Wilson matters. Wilson as a political scientist analyses the liberal’s commitment to promoting human right and democracy in American and the whole World (Smith 4). This will ensure that every individual enjoys his or her rights as a citizen. Therefore, every person...

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The Origins of Politics

The main tenets of ancient modern debate revolve around social, economic, and political issues. They deal with the acquisition of power, retention of power, and human control. Scholars like Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, and Plato have discussed the issues that even today continue shaping modern day politics. The initial belief of...

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Barack Obama's Views on American Global Leadership

The paper picks the article 'Renewing American Leadership" by Barack Obama. The article was written in 2007 when Obama was a Presidential candidate. Subject matter. The article discusses issues on American global leadership, especially on the Iraq war. Additionally, it delves into climate change and how America can play a...

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