Essays on World History

French Revolution

The French Revolution was a watershed movement that began in 1789 following Napoleon’s elevation and ended in 1799. It was marked by far-reaching social and political upheavals that inevitably contributed to the overthrow of the empire and the emergence of democratic republicanism. It is possible to roughly identify the major…

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Issues of the LGBT

In the past, LGBT has been a tricky topic and has been highly criticized. It has been practiced in Rome, Egypt, China and the South Pacific all over the world and goes back to ancient times. Historically, relations between the same sex were formed in Ancient Greece. The Greeks were…

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World War I Causes and Effects Study

The First World War experienced a war that, though based in Europe, had a far-reaching collective influence on the world as a whole. In this article, the different causes and effects of WWI will be addressed using four primary sources. The causes for WWI were- 1) Imperialism- Conflict between Imperialist…

Words: 1769

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Empress Wu’s colonial influence in China

Empress Wu’s colonial influence on the Chinese Patriarchal Culture In the history of China, the majority of empires were governed and ruled by men. In the situation, however, where women came to power, such as Empress Wu, major impacts were felt, especially if the former leadership stressed the patriarchy system….

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The Rise of Russia

Often known as the Soyuz Sovetskikh, Soviet Union Rissian, or the Sovetesky Soyuz, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans was formerly recognized as the Eurasian empire from 1917-1991. (Eberhard 20). There were 15 S.S.R. (Soviet Socialist Republics) from the Black and Baltic Seas of the Pacific Ocean, including Azerbaijan, Armenia,…

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Alexander the Great and His Kingdom

Alexander the Great managed to sweep through Asia and eastern Europe with the fierceness of a lion and the bravery of a tiger. He was believed to have been a son of the gods. Alexandra was exceptionally clever and a military genius. His military battles gave him great prestige, wealth,…

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World History through 5 Major Religions

The five principal faiths worldwide are Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. From the beginning of the world until today, these religions have formed the history development and profoundly impacted the human species’ path. In the subsequent lines, you can read an in-depth summary of every one of these principal…

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Oresteia and Thyestes

Thyestes and Oresteia are two myths following one another, with the tale of Thyestes preceding the story of Oresteia. At the start of the play Pelops’ sons, Atreus and Thyestes, are bloody rivals, and are addressed to the reader. The daughter of Mycenae Aerope’s king is married to Atreus (Schiesaro…

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White Tower of Thessaloniki

In the waterfront city of Thessaloniki, the capital city of Macedonia, the White Tower of Thessaloniki is a memorial and a museum. A replacement of the old Byzantine fortification that was dominant during the Ottoman Empire is the present wall. The Ottoman Empire restored the old White Tower to fortify…

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Ancient America Before 1492

The ancient history and archives of archaeology are the subject of chapter one. From Asia, the first human being to start up in the Northern Hemisphere moved. Beringia was a barrier that was exposed due to glaciation between Alaska in the US and Siberia in Asia, resulting from declining sea…

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Cinema of Spain

The main purpose of this paper is to examine the history of Spain in terms of politics based on El Lobo. The methods used to classify the film, El Lobo, are the methods used to display the film to extract important information that aid in the study. This paper reveals…

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European History: Revolution in France

The French Revolution was a significant occurrence that, with several reasons being attributed, took role in today European history. This included the government’s high taxes, the country’s bad harvests, and debt status, and the influence of modern philosophies in politics and the American Revolution that had taken place a decade…

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